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Realy Weird Ab Feeling

So I’ve noticed something weird happen a few times… If I do any sort of ab crunch motion, weighted or not, and then right after if I hunch over a bit and flex my abs, I get a very bad pulling feeling, almost as if my bottom row of abs is trying to come over the row above it (I know there’s not totally separate rows but I think you get what I mean).

Then I usually stand straight up, massage it and stretch it and it goes away in a few seconds. Now, this ONLY happens if I do an ab exercise and then flex my abs like that, so I’m obviously not going to do that again, but, other than avoiding that, is this something to be worried about? There’s not really any pain involved, just a ‘bad’ feeling.

happens to me in my upper abs a lot of times. i’ve been told many times it’s a electrolyte deficienty–post likely potassium or magnesium

i just eat my bananas and try to avoid ab “flexing” movements and try to stick with things like planks (if i do ab work)

Interesting, thanks. Another thing I didn’t mention is for about the past 10 months that I’ve been deadlifting I have been stretching my lower back a lot before I go to bed, but I don’t stretch my abs nearly as much, thought that might be a problem so I plan on starting to stretch more everything.

And for the record, in the title I had it as realllly and it got changed to realy, I didn’t spell really like that.