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Really Weak Chest

I curl the same amount I bench with. I recently starting lifting, I used to be a runner. I can curl and bench 60 lbs. I know, thats a tiny amount of weight to bench, but I have to start somewhere, and my chest is my largest weakness. If I am lifting 5 days a week(I started last week), how long do you guys think until I see some results. Also I’ve been doing chest twice a week. I do 5 sets of 5 flat bench press at 60lbs., decline press 4 sets of 10 at 60 lbs., dumbbell flys 4 sets of 12 at 15 lbs per hand, and I end with 5 sets of 10 pushups(which sometimes I cant do because my chest is giving up at that point). Its easier than last week(the week I started lifting weights again). But its pretty embarrassing and my dad tells me my chest is like a six year olds chest… Also he said he thinks its mostly in my head(whatever that means). He never taught me how to lift weights, but anyways I am rambling on now. What do you guys think? How long will it take to see some progress and results, and what should I change if anything? thisis the workout template im going by: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/tried-and-true-bodybuilding-program-template Thanks for the help guys!

Dunno keep benching and doing push ups and you tell us. I don’t think you need to worry about chest flyers at the moment though.


Got it Ill keep at it thanks for the reply So should I replace flys with anthing else? or just do more reps on the bench press and pushups?

At the moment just focus on push ups and bench. Put your other energy into overhead press and barbell/dumbbell rowing. To have a big bench you need a big back so don’t neglect that.

Push-ups are a great exercise and don’t be worried about doing them daily or every second day at home.


You need to be quite a bit further down the line to get the most out of a bodypart split like that.

At your level one of these would be much better…

can tack on pushups like these at the end…


I appreciate the replies. I like the southwood routine, but is 5 days really too much, you think?

Also I am worried about my form. I dont have any experience with power cleans or dead lifts and I have nobody to tell me how my form looks. Should I just start small and not worry too much or what…?

Not so much about it being 5 days, more that can’t generate enough force/need way more basic strength to get enough value out of that kind of training.

Ok yeah first 2-3 weeks dont worry about weight just learn the form for those lifts. Look up some Rippetoe vids. (Perfect world buy the dvd)…

This good for clean…

I think it’s highly unlikely you’re curling with strict form if it’s the same as your bench. Also, you said you just started. I would avoid getting in the habit of thinking “this body part is weaker/smaller/lagging”. Get your whole body strong. Rampant Badger’s suggestions are great.

I thought my glutes were “weak” or “inactive” or “lagging”. Then I started weight training. In five months I’ve had to replace most of my old shorts or pants. Turns out my glutes grow quickly. I thought the same thing about several other body parts. Truth is I was just weak.

The reason I tell you this is because I fell into the same trap you’re falling into. Get your whole body strong, focusing on compound lifts. Give it a year.


yeah i need to start doing compound lifts. also i work at a tire shop and theres a lot of arm work but no chest work and i know when it comes to curling at least my form is good, but i just started bench pressing so idk how good that is but people have told me my form is fine. I never work out my chest but youre right i need to work my whole body. So when I start getting the correct form ill begin doing the southwood program. but my only question is should I really be doing a three day workout? I think I can do five days no problem. Also you guys think i should be going for reps or for weight

the main point of this thread was to get advice on a workout plan from you guys with more experience. I have acess to my school gym on mon-thursday during mornings. maybe calisthenics on tuesday thursday, and southwood mon weds fri? im sure ill figure it out. thanks guys

If you’re a hardgainer than 3 days a week will serve you well. Put in effort on your lifting days and use your off days to eat, grow, recover.

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Yes just really crush it on those three days. Dan John apporach is proven on these forums many times over. Also hitting a tough 4RM or 5x5 for multiple lifts will catch up with you pretty quick.

Loads of great higher frequency programs here to move on to in the future as well just need to build a foundation first

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Badger pretty much told you everything already.
What I can tell you is that at the beginning I could use barely more than 60lbs on bench because of my messed up shoulder, often while benching I’d feel staggering pain going from the sternum and back towards the ribcage and scapula.
If you can do it painfree, just stick to it and don’t bother with the weight, it will increase. Focus on nailing down technique, I ditched the bench for months because I hated it and now I’m playing catchup. It’s a more technical lift than it seems.

-Lift heavy… 4-6 rep range. If you get 6 reps, it’s time to increase weight and start all over from 4 reps. Increase 5-10 lbs at a time. Also do incline and decline bench. They are important.

Your body will be going through lots of soreness which is good, this means your muscles are tearing down. This is why you also need plenty of PROTEIN. Protein will aid in the muscle regrowth process. Take amino acids for quicker recovery.
And you must sleep well. The body does it’s magic when your out like a light.

I have been doing this same thing I am advising you to do, Its about a year now, I started with like 215lbs , now I’m pushing 305lbs. Check my chest out. Not bad for 40.

Looking great man! Which split would you recommend?

Just got arnolds encyclopedia and its great has all the info i need. also i wasnt taking into consideration that my barbell weighs 40 lbs on its own so i can bench more than i can curl lol. Thanks guys Ill keep training and let you know where im at in 3 months from now

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nice bro thanks for the help

Dude, I would train 5 days a week. Chest, shoulders, legs, back. Arms. Each has their own day. Work no more than 3 days in a row, take a day off. Rest between 2-3 minutes in between sets. But lift heavy 4-6 reps.

Use more iron/free weight exercises. Nothing wrong with cables but free weight are better IMO.
These 3 are a must exercise. Flat bench, Squats, Dead lifts.

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