Really Struggling Dialing in TRT

Hey, so this may not be a clear post, but I will do my best. I was taking what I thought was a low test dose of 125 per week, but it lead me to a 1400 level total test, high RBC, and an e2 of 63. I feel… like dog shit. Once getting my bloods back I started with adex, at about .25 per dose. My first dose was wednesday night, and my 2nd dose, based on really feeling even extra bad, was an hour ago.

I want to reduce my dose of test to 75mg per week, split over 2 or 3 times per week. But I just can’t understand how to identify the brain foggy way i’m feeling and what I should do about it.

Thanks for listening.

Edit: Age 42.

Lab numbers: Total test: 1384 H 250-1100 ng/dL
TESTOSTERONE, FREE 290.6 H 35.0-155.0 pg/mL
ESTRADIOL 63 H < OR = 39

Do you have your complete recent labs and PRE trt labs? Id suggest dropping your dose to 50mgs twice per week. If your test is 200 mg/ml, this breaks down to .25ml twice per week, start with something like every Monday and thursday. Id suggest staying away from an AI at first. It’s another variable that complicates getting dialed in at first. Your FT is likely high which is being converted to e2. Some feel better on lower doses.

Your thyroid may be a mess as well. If T levels go way up and your other systems are compromised, you’ll still feel like shit because you hit another limiting factor. Hope this helps give you a starting point and direction.

Post the above info I indicated.

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Man, i’m starting to freak. I’m getting some weird popping sound in my ear. Could just be stressing. Maybe i shouldn’t have taken the adex again… or maybe I need more. So damn difficult. Also since this last lab, I skipped a week of doses of test, not sure if that may be contributing or not.

I don’t have full labs, only those numbers shown. I do have a full pre TRT Lab:

FWIW, this is what I had from the last blood draw (not complete obviously, but it’s what they took)

Looking at pre trt; your numbers weren’t great, but I may not have gone on trt with your TT and FT. I’m not surprised your estrogen is high now either.

Your high free T is making your e2 and hematocrit high. You should probably go in for a double red blood cell donations to get hematocrit down. When it gets high, our blood gets thick and viscous which can increase risk of some problems.

Your LDL isn’t good either. Low e2 will make that worse.

Stay off the AI, your e2 will go down as your test goes down. Switch to 50 mgs twice per week.

You also need labs that look at shbg and thyroid: tsh, ft4, ft3 and rt3.

I’ve been on trt for years now. I’m currently receiving telemedicine with defymedical. Put that into your browser if your Dr won’t look at the complete picture. Many unfortunately won’t look at things like rt3.

Yeah, it was a close call. I just jumped in. I was trying to deal with poor sleep and pretty bad dick issues. I weightlift and wanted to drop some fat and still be able to recover, make improvements in the gym etc.

A few questions. I took .25mg of adex today. It feels like in 3 days after, the rebound is worse. Maybe i’m wrong, but any thoughts on that? I guess I am curious as to how fast the e2 will go down as test goes down.

I can request those other items in my next bloodwork. I already donated and dropped the hematocrit.

I also started taking ic3, curcumin extract (1mg), and have calcium deglucarate, along with grapeseed extract. Will those help? I saw a few articles on natural remedies.

Also, is it safe to say that the shittiness i’m feeling and have been feeling is attributed to the e2?

And finally, it’s been 10 days since my last pin, are you sure I shouldn’t go lower to around 75mgs per week? I was basically pinning 37.5mg eod before, which is barely over 100mg per week.

The adex is hard to judge since it’s not a suicidal AI. It inhibits conversion of t to e so it depends on AI sensitivity, gut health and e liver clearance rates.

You could try 75 mg of test per week split in two doses. Id stay away from the AI. Low e is much worse than high.

Biggest thing as much as it sucks is execute a new plan, wait and get new labs. Again, I’d highly suggest getting the thyroid labs I suggested. With how high your cortisol was, id guess you have high rt3 which would give you hypothyroid symptoms.

Also to calm the nerves, try 6 g omega 3s, 400 mgs magnesium glycinate and 5 g glycine.

I also can’t stress enough that defy medical is a good provider.

Ok thanks! I have fish oils but i’ll have to get the other 2. I’ll cut the AI, but we’ve got a half life of 44 hours. Are the other supps fine? I’ll get the labs.

Shittiness at this point is probably because your T is dropping and your e hasn’t followed suit yet. Lower t and high e can do that. I’ve had both low e and high e. Low e is worse. Don’t crash your e2.

Those shops are fine but only take curcumin out of the group. Zinc can lower e2. Go with zinc glycinate.

to clarify, you’re saying drop the curcumin extract? or keep that one only?

I take curcumin. I don’t think the others will hurt you but don’t think they’re worth their cost. What are you taking them for, what purpose?

Your vit d were low too. You could take 10,000 ius per day with k2 as well.

Supposedly, they help with e2. I’ve already got em, soo… if they won’t hurt, might as well. I can take vitamin d.

If i’ve been off for 10 days, does it make sense to see if I can just get off trt cold turkey? I was only on it since the beginning of june. so about 9 or 10 weeks. What’s the curcumin dosage?

Thanks for your help on this. I’m gonna see if I can get some cardio in before the day ends.

I like your 1g dose. You could try but may not end well. You’d need a serm like Clomid or nolvadex to assist if cold turkey doesn’t work.

When, relative to your injection, was this lab drawn?

3 days after last pin of 37.5. I was doing that EOD to try and avoid estro sides.

Injecting 37.5mg every other day, but you skipped a day and waited until the third day for the blood test?

Yes. And then from there, my blood was flagged with the hematocrit, and I stayed off test for 10 days. I was feeling really really bad. I gave blood, but it didn’t change what i’m feeling. I’m trying adex, but now i’m scared that’s gonna mess me up again. it’s so damn hard. I feel major regrets for even trying it.

OK, I’m not sure, those are high numbers with that dose. Your free test is at 2% so SHBG is likely not that high. Your thyroid may be the issue, as mentioned above. Get TSH, free T4, free T3 and reverse T3 checked.

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Thanks. Yeah, I may be a high responder? no idea. i’m pinning sub q if that matters. I just feel like death right now. It’s been sort of up and down over the past couple weeks. I’m also seemingly super susceptible to caffeine, and I probably should not drink any alcohol at all until this whole thing is resolved.

Like I feel like I should go to the hospital bad. It’s so insane.

Edit: I can’t post again for 17 hours, so just updating here to Systemlords comment below.

to be clear, i’m not sure I have crashed my e2. I was feeling these symptoms without any AI, and so I added one (very small amounts .25 mg twice over the past week). My e2 was 63. But yeah, I don’t fully understand the rebound effect. Does this mean I will suddenly get an even bigger spike in my estrogen? I took .25 today, and am hoping this coming week isn’t going to be hell. I guess my only choice now is to ride things out. I’ll have access to bloodwork again this coming week and i’ll get TSH, free T4, free T3 and reverse T3 checked.