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Really Sore??


i have a question.. i am 35 years old and have been working out for about 7-8 months now.i seem to get really sore and i stay sore for a long time, like 4-5 days. is this normal? some guys at the gym told me to get my test. levels checked? anyone have any ideas or advice??


It's hard to say without seeing your workout schedule, eating habits, and sleep schedule.

Post those - if it looks like those are in order, and you're stretching, then it's time to think about potential problems, although 4-5 days isn't absurd, just a little longer than normal (3 days is fairly normal, greatest DOMS at 2 days usually).



Are you:

  1. Warming up?
  2. Stretching?
  3. Drinking enough water?
  4. Getting enough sleep?


you being 35 is mostly irrelevant here

experience is more important, and 7-8 months is significant enough to warrant further investigation

i've found that intense lifting infrequently leads to perpetual soreness. for example, hammering one body part a day once per week is a sure-fire recipe for soreness.

assuming you drink enough water, eat reasonable amounts of food, and get 6+ hours of sleep ... what does your program look like?



yes i am eating enough.. i have been eating about 250-300 grams of protein a day. my weight is 152.i have gained about 25 pounds the first three months and now it is slow going. i also do drink lots of water and i do stretch and warm up. my programis 3 on 1 off 2on 2 off. i alternate heavy days and light days.. i do heavy chest,shoulders and light triceps in one day. the next i will do heavy biceps and light back. third day i do heavy legs. squats,deadlifts,leg press,leg extensions,leg curls.then one day off. then i do light chest,shoulders and heavy triceps. next would be heavy back and light biceps. i take the light leg day off all together. thanx for all the feedback. let me know what you think.


first off 25#s in 3 months is NICE. that's a 20% increase in mass. it is reasonable for gains to slow down at this point.

eating 250-300 g of P is plenty ... OF P ... but what about total calories? with your weight gain, you are probably ok, but don't fixate on the P too much!

1 upper press
2 upper pull
3 legs
4 off
5 upper press
6 upper pull
7 off
8 off

let me guess ... your legs get sore as hell ... more sore than the rest of your body? you are only hitting them once every 8 days, which is one day longer than the typical bodybuilding splits built around the 7 day week that just reek of soreness.

personally, i don't like your program. nonetheless, everything works for a while, as you've demonstrated. and hitting chest heavy and then triceps light doesn't really make sense.

would you consider a program change?



yes i would consider a change. change is always good.i have a trainer in the gym i goto who is helping me and kind of guiding me. anything i can learn i would try for sure. my legs do get sore, but really my triceps get the most sore and stay sore for at least 4-5 days. everything gets sore and stays sore for long periods of time.. also my calorie intake is somewhere around 3000-3500 a day.of course i am not the best so some days may vary.. eating for me is the hardest part.


Well, you haven't posted your program, but you sound like me a few years ago. Every time I'd get on a routine I would always get VERY sore. Of course, I would push myself on every set and rep to where I couldn't do any more. Once I stopped "training to fail" I started to get bigger and stronger without the extreme soreness.

Maybe your body has stopped responding to your routine and you need to change it up. could be that you're training to failure too often as well. Try a program by Chad Waterbury or one of the coach/authors on this site.


let me clarify:

you doing the chest/shoulder/tri day every 4 days. this alone is ok. you think you are hitting tris hard only once every 8 days, but in fact if you hit chest and shoulders hard with pressing movements, you are hitting tris hard too! the tris are heavily involved in every pressing movement! this could explain why your tris are always sore.

for a real simple change to the program you have, make one of the chest/shoulder/tri days heavy, or higher intensity (3-5 sets of 3-5 reps @ ~ 80-90% 1RM). make the other day light, or lower intensity (3 sets of 10-12, 4 sets of 8, etc @ ~ 70% 1RM). [you could do that with all of your program.]

that is a minor change that should help. that being said, i still don't like the program. :wink:

try a 4 day week laid out like Chad Waterbury's ABBH:

M chest/back
T legs (quad)
T chest/back
F legs (hip)



Hows your post workout nutrition? Do a search,it really worked for me.


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