Really Sore Muscles on TRT

So I’ve been on 125mg Sustanon and 0.5mg Anastrozole every 5 days. My third injection is this sunday.
So my usual gym routine is PPL 6 days a week, and I’ve never (until now) been the type of guy that gets sore that often and if i do it’ll be one day or two days max however it is very rare.
However about 2-3 days are starting TRT all my muscles have been so sore non stop basically! right now is the most sore I’ve ever been in my life and if it was any worse i think i’d be paralysed.
Can someone give an explanation for this pls?

Has anything changed? Increased workload/volume, heavier, etc.? It takes about 10-14 days for the effects of testosterone and/or anabolic steroids to show up in the gym.

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It may be the anastrozole. Hard to tell what’s going on with such little info and no labs. Unlikely it’s the test. Your estrogen may be in the gutter if you’re not training any different. If it’s not low estrogen, you could try a teaspoon of l-citrulline and 1/4 teaspoon glutathione 15 minutes pre workout to help soreness

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yep. drop the ai. should see improvement within a week if its that.

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I third the AI.

I would have weird joint, tendon, and muscle issues and I couldn’t pinpoint it. Low e2.

Your body is adapting to higher levels of testosterone. If you start feeling exhausted it could the the AI knocking estrogen low. Personally I think the AI dosage is just to damn high, the real question is do you even need one.

Hard to figure out without pre-TRT labs.

True. I’m getting a blood test booked first thing Monday. Problem is I have my next injection tomorrow meaning I’d obviously normally be taking the anastrozole then as well, so I have no idea whether to take the anastrozole or not.

Continue with your current protocol, especially with upcoming blood work. This way, you can get a snap shot of your current protocol, ie take your anastrozole tomorrow morning.