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Really Sensitive to Blood Sugar

Ever since I hit puberty I have been really sensitive to eating it seems… if I go too long without eating I become almost a completely different person and just about anything will set me off. Is anyone else here like this? My diet is essentially perfect at the moment but if I eat anything high in sugar at all a few hours later im ready to explode it seems. Is this the normal response to this? I had blood work done lastfall and the doc said my blood sugar levels looked fine so I dont know what to think. Thanks for any advice.

It’s highly individual, if I go 8 hours without eating then I literally lose the will to live, a quick snack later and I’m fine. If I’m distracted then I’m ok until the very second I stop whatever I was doing. I don’t seem to get too hyper from sugar, but I definitely crash out after a (very) large carb filled meal. My diet is utter shit the last couple of weeks but I was the same back when I actually ate well.

Thanks for moving this, I dont know why I put this in the off topic forum… oh yeah, musta been my low blood sugar :wink:

Rob I am the same way, I literally will get to the point of having suicidal thoughts if it gets low enough, the doc told me the only thing I can do to deal with it is keep food on me at all times… FML… there has got to be something to help keep blood sugar levels more stable

What kind of blood work did you have done? I have a similar issue but for me I only have an issue if I have a high carb meal…it’s called reactive hypoglycemia. It was diagnosed with a glucose tolerance test. If I have high carbs my blood sugar goes higher than the typical person because my insulin is “late to the party” When it eventually kicks in my sugar drops fast and way too low. To keep it under control I have to eat at least 6 times a day and each meal has to be high in protein and moderate to low carbs.

My only solution is to remember to eat, if I start feeling really unexplainably depressed the first thing that jumps to my head now is “when did I last eat?”. Usually I just deal with it till I can find some food. Maybe try watching the glycemic load of what you are eating to slow digestion. I never seperate carbs and fats as fat is one of the best ways of lowering the glycemic load of a meal, leading to a smaller, more gradual insulin spike.

I have to add I have not seen a doctor about this.

Thanks for the responses guys. As far as diet I have cut out all refined sugar essentially and stick to mostly oatmeal and high fiber wheat bread as my carb sources. I guess I will just have to really focus on not eating refined sugar and make sure I always eat every few hours.

John as far as the bloodwork I believe it was mostly to check to see if I was diabetic. The doc said she could do a glucose tolerance test but it would be pointless she said as all she could do is tell me to eat every couple of hours.

Rob I too am now asking myself when I last ate when I start feeling depressed for no reason. 99% of the time now when I feel bad it is because my blood sugar is low. I am 24 now, I cannot believe it took me this long to figure out how important eating consitently is in keeping my mental health in check. Too bad I had not known this back when I was a teenager lol

Yeah, took me way too long to work it out. I’m just glad I know now. It just doesn’t occur to you when you sit there in despair that you haven’t eaten that day and literally all you need to do is make a sandwich (or a big fat meal of steak and eggs). I actually think it was my mum that pointed this out to me years ago.

I have a similar problem, if I go too long without eatting; depending on my stress level (is there anxiety, am I doing something physical, etc.) it could occur in a couple hours or it could take all day. For me as well, I litterally become a different person, I will not be able to think clearly, I’ll become clumsy and weak, and my hands will shake (like that kind of shake you get when you have alot of arenaline). And in a severe case I havent been able to stand, and then all I have to do is eat something; give it a little while to digest and im like new. My blood sugar was tested once and I spoke to my doctor but nothing was ever found out.

I found as soon as I got into eatting alot in my current bulking phase its gotten pretty rare for me to have a problem. Diabetes runs in my family but my doctor doesnt believe I am, im 20 btw and naturally very scrawny.

Yeah it is almost like someone who is an alcoholic. My personality changes completely after I eat and then I feel bad over how I acted when my blood sugar was low. During that time the things I say and do seem completely rational to me. Well I am glad to see other people have gone through similar things and I now know how to deal with it.