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Really Old School O-Lifting Video


Watch it all. See the worlds first smith machine, back attack machine, and ghetto glute-ham raise made from a pommel horse.

My favorite move is the absurdly fast good morning/quarter ROM push press combo move.


That was awesome! I love that stuff. Thanks for putting that up there.


They are Polish guys right?

Bad ass video :smiley:

LOVE the range of exercises that these guys do.



Haha I like the scene near the end where the entire team is ferociously using the one piece of equipment


sweet video. favorited


Cool video, weird but cool. It just goes to show you that you don't need all the crazy technology and gimmicks to get strong. Just hard, smart work and a barbell.


i guess some things like squatting, good mornings, oly variations, and the like are timeless. Those high speed good mornings are sweet. I also noticed they used jump squats and kettle bells.


I think those kettlebells are over 100 pounds. One guy in the middle looked like he was just swinging plates on a hook.


whats really interesting to note is how similar to the training at my OL club this is. Powercleans + 5 front squats, triples with hang powercleans, goodmornings for speed, hypers on a GHR, kettlebell swings and the like.


If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Just tell me the bar doesn't leave your neck when you do Good Mornings. Please.


This is how badass speed good mornings should be done:


forget the GMs, those squats look niiiice!


its not the worst thing if a lightweight GM hits the back of your neck falling what an inch? Most we do GM's with is like 60kg MAYBE. How do you think we do doubles of behind the neck jerks?

and yeah, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, tis true. =d


There needs to be a forum for videos.

I think it would make this site 100kg better.


The dude doing the lunges with all the weight ruled big time. Respect !!


Old school is always cool.


Very nice.

I wonder what they were saying at the end when everyone was on the old universal machine.



That it's the most modern way to train and its the pride and joy of the Polish Nation. What else?


Why was that guy in 6:20 doing eccentrics and isometrics?