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Really Need Some Advice


hey guys. i just want to ask and i really need some help/tips/guide/advise and i really appreciate it.

before this it's my 1st time try test-e stack with anabol cycle 300mg/25mg per week for 10week. when it comes to week 8, my body came up with acne at the chest and back. after finish those cycle, i didn't do the PCT because i don't know that i should had done that because on that time i just take those gears without any guide and just refer and survey to web/forum. then i stop for a while taking those gears because of the acne appear on my body. really scare also on that time.

then after 3-4month stop taking those gears, then i start again by taking just only Test-e but this time i jab 600mg per week for 8week. when it comes to week 9, the acne once again appear on my body but this time it spread until my shoulder. my pct was late which i consume on the 12week during those cycle which i take nolva, test booster(A-HD) and vit-c inject bcause of the acne. its been 4month i stop taking the gears bcause afraid the acne appear again on my body. now the acne had gone but the scar still remain on my body which make me feel afraid on taking the gears again.

now i feel like want take again the gears but i don't know what gears should i take, what should i stack the gear with, how many mg should i take per week actually, what are the PCT should i take when i finish the cycle and so on.
so guys i really need some advise and guides. thats all. sorry for broken english

im 20years old
height 165cm
weight around 165-168kg
body fat around 20-25%
my goal is to gain muscle mass

thanks all


165cm = 5'4"
165-168kg = 363-370lbs

These numbers are wrong.

If you have over 20% body fat you shouldn't be cycling
If you are 20yrs old you shouldn't be cycling

Goal is to gain muscle. Hit the weights and figure out your diet.


Lol this is just stupid


LMFAO couldn't agree more...

if you're BF is 20-25%, try dieting and hard training first...


maybe he's Lee Priest


OP weighs over 350lbs?


at 5'4?


That was one of my points. This post is a clusterfuck

5'4" 370 20% BF



I couldn't help but just to sit in m chair and laugh at this.


In on future Mr. Olympia cutting from 350 lbs to 275 lbs.


At 5'4 what a damn beast.


I just hope when he lands top 3 at the O he gives a shout out to us lowly folk at T-Nation. He obviously has the potential to do it if his conditioning is spot on.