Really Need Medical Help!

I didn’t take out any health insurance and now I’ve got a whole host of medical problems springing up. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say, my team of specialists are supposed to be the best. Especially my endo. But after talks he knows less than I do about the important stuff. He’s used to treating post-menopausal women with estrogen supplements and knows nothing about the effects of longterm elevated TSH levels and its effects on the whole HPTA axis(adrenal fatigue, constant high cortisol exposure).

My physio says I need to do weight bearing exercise. She says it should be brisk walks and cardio on treadmills and exercise bikes and so on. They know what they’re used to dealing with: and none of it fits me.

I’m afraid to tell my physio my weight bearing workouts because she’s think it’s a mad risk. It’s a calculated risk. I’ve increased bone density incredibly with just K2/D3/calcium and traces(Solenium, boron, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc etc + weightlifting. My physio is a woman who weighs around 90lbs and looks like she couldn’t do a bodyweight sissy squat. She specialises in geriatric rehab not sports injuries. My endo doesn’t know the difference between bioavailable test and total serum test let alone stuff like high SHBG levels bind and inactivate.

I’ve read up a huge amount on endocrinology in the last few weeks since I made my decision to manage my own treatment. And I even have a friend who is a world renowned geneticist who has offered to get his medical team to test for genetic disorders.

What I do know so far - secondary hyperparathyroidism causing severe osteoporosis. I diagnosed it myself by telling an early 20’s ER doc to test my parathyroid hormones + TSH + Calcitonin levels + T3 /T4 and some other stuff. He scoffed. Wrote in notes I’m paranoid I have hyperparathyroidism when i had just explained I hope I do have it because it’s the only osteo that’s significantly reversible.

I’ve researched alternate treatment and just started Test E / Deca / Tren - Chinese powders relabelled and sold domestically by some good guys. I have 5000iu of 191AA from Genescience - domestic distributors are well known and respected pro-bbers and many pro-bbers and athletes know how do blood tests after first shot (2 hour peak serum levels for Somatropin(191AA), report results to confirm authenticity of Genescience product.

I’m taking Arim liquid(assume UG home brew but source is trusted friend) throughout because test / tren highly aramatising especially. Got 5000iu HCG(big pharm) and I got Clomid and Nolva tabs(big pharm)
Chinese powder UG Anadrol and Dbol tabs and a few 100iu test suspension vials by UG lab and a few other things I want to keep in stock. Not all for this cycle.

Only three pharmaceutical companies in China make 191AA. It takes a multi-million dollar lab and expensive to make, requires experts and multimillion dollar genetic equipment. They pass it on to distributing websites and dozens pop up claiming to be selling real Genescience Jins. Marketing guys legit pharmacies will confirm which site or site is selling the real shit and contact reviews of service and authenticity of product appear on certain forums. I won’t name any sites, suppliers etc I’m just explaining how it works.

Everyone buys Chinese just about because big pharm US/EU products are even more ridiculously expensive - eg, Lily 24iu pens for hundreds.

So I’m in first week of cycle and taking 4 iu daily in two shots - no sides, will go 6 maybe 8 over course of cycle then use pineal gland stimulation during PCT that works well according to experienced friend.

What I need to know is:

  1. How do i not alienate my team of specialists when I keep having to explain things like negative freedback loop causing adrenal fatigue and get him to test for cortisol and other things I need tested?

  2. If I follow my 20 something physio expert’s advice I can’t pick up a phone book let alone hip belt squatting heavy and doing 6+ hours heavy training minimum a week. I know how well it works because I just had another bone scan. With only self treatment of D3/K2/Calcium/omegas/antioxidants and reducing stress levels(cortisol) and lifting close to fracture point. Jan 2014 to May I was in wheelchair or bed or hobbling on crutches 50 metres. You see the bones in my feet not only weren’t operated on to set properly, they failed to heal properly like all my fracturrs and caused terrible nerve pain for months. Then from June 2014 to now - just over a year, I increased my bone density with no prescription meds or medical advice beyond levels ever seen by anyone in my team of specialists. I went from a cripple with muscle wasting and a T-spine score of -4.3 in April 2014 to -2.9.

If I’d taken my team’s advice I’d be on nasty drugs that don’t form proper bone(biophosphonates) and would have a spinal T-score of maybe .3 to .5 tops increase in first year with loads of side effects.

Jumping / skipping works better than compressive forces as you can do high volume. But lifting heavy is essential too. With parathyroid tumour removed, “normal” endocrine function and hormone levels I’m not even eligible for TRT despite muscle wasting Klinefelter related genetic disease since birth causing 12-37 = 25 years of symtoms including estrogenic and catabolic.

My team don’t think there’s a lifelong genetic disease as the primary cause of it all. I’ve been right so far. Why the fuck should I listen to them in cases where I believe they’re wrong?

They don’t think I have muscle wasting because of my physique. I’m 15%,bf and weak but my strength is unheard of in Klinefelter related disorders. I’ve had to get a friend whose a geneticist to organise private genome tests because my team just rule out stuff based on my activity level and otherwise health.

Please difect me to any studies on 191AA, IGF1 and androgens in relation to bone density. I don’t need help with cycle PCT or anything. I just need to cram and try to treat and get to the bottom of my multi-faceted and rare conditions: genetic abnormality > muscular atrophy > estrogenic weight gain at pubity. Most Klinefelter guys get some level of gyne. I’m prone to storing a little adipose tissue there but whenever got rid of that years ago.

There are a number of reasons now is the right time ~ sudden restoration of hormone levels and better calcium absorption has put my body in an anabolic phase that speeds bone growth and inhibits osteoblasts. This window of bone building opportunity starts immediately after surgery and goes fast to catch up for a year - the body is very adaptive and it’s trying to restore bone density now in response to:

1). Normal endocrine function alerts to repair damage

2). Regular and persistent weightbearing exercise getting as close to the fracture zone as possible without fracturing. The body adapts to the stress on bones and compensates.

Lastly, the key for a chance of reasonable qualify of life for a little while is growing new bone cells but with genetic instruction to build density but not length(yes, despite what you’ve read adults with closed plates can see femur length increase in particular with 191AA.

Lastly, can you please direct me to good information on the role of insulin, blood sugar levels, IGF1 and also peptides that seem to act as catalysts or something for 191AA’s connective tissue healing. Studies, studies, studies and no qucks please. Give me a little non-how to take / how to get and just direct me to everything related to bone density osteoblast suppressants and anything to get me on the right track so I can get better? I know forca fact lots of you guys gave yourselves a much less serious condition that’s the opposite of mine. You guys sterilised your thyroid basically by overloading with exogenous T3/T4 or bumping with Eurosig etc. You end up hypo. I’m hyper. You’ve no idea how advanced.

I can afford years of black market US/EU 191AA but I know these Jins are just as good - UG pharma can’t make the shit so you don’t get purity or bacteriological problems. And with the Interpol, massive pressure from big pharma and Chinese govt officials to pay off, cheaper 191 will increasingly come from Pakistani labs then shipped to Europe or Asia and hoarded / onsold. HCG is hoarded a bit too here due too I’ve noticed domestically it’s usually sold out within minutes of restocking. I don’t get it. Any compounding pharmacist can make the shit alone, very cheaply and with raw materials that aren’t on watch lists. Why the fuck can’t domestic suppliers get this shit?

I had to wait for restock then it was sold out immediately. How long can I store HCG? Why are UG Anadrol orals much cheaper than dBol orals despite Anadrol more potent and non aromatising? Any thoughts on current Lamborghini labs and Hypertrophy labs? Their Chinese powder based androgens and ancillaries all good I hear but when it comes to UG lab liquid Arim and Letrozole and my extra, extra, extra need to keep sufficient E2 levels? I’m sure it’s Arim I have. But I’m highly sceptical as to the potency(1mg per 1ml). It could be way off and I need to know. Let someone advise me because I’m first week into first cycle and I’ll fuck off when I’m clued in.

Please advise how you would use Arim, nolvex and or Clomid in cycle and PCT for first cycle? Eroids regulars don’t understand details of my formerly crazy hypo-pity-thyroid axis and resulting adrenal fatigue(cortisol serum checked morning, noon, afternoon and night) - they don’t understand results. They even admit they can’t do much for me. Now they’ve restored hormonal balance I’m not even eligible for TRT after a lifetime of battling estrogenic / catabolic normal problems.

Funny thing is - my brother has nothing wrong with him but laziness - ball of blubber with bitch tits. I started benching at 12 and thought I could spot remove adipose tissue. All I did was fail to recruit lats at all, fail to recruit shoulders properly but I did build up pecs for years and after waking up my lats and strengthening my shoulders and core I now have respectable numbers on bench and I can hip belt squat at a pretty above beginner / untrained level. My triceps are strong and i have success with slow, good form - constant tension.

I just can’t understand why I’m staying the same weight, losing hardly any fat - currently 15% and not priority at all to lose more.

My big problem is poorly healed lumbar and thoracic fractures and the rest just waiting to crush) density around .7grams per cm2!!!). I’m not stupid - nothing to risk really and everything to gain. Lower back has four fractures but I built up its support. The single thoracic fracture T10 is the nasty one now as it’s supports are over-fatigued and that’s where posture breaks down now under load.

I can’t just do hip belt squats and face down rows and useless high rep weight at low rep range barbell squats. If I don’t progressively apply stress to my spine whilst holding it neutral with core / stabilisers etc then it will get worse real quick. The spine is the first to disintegrate and I’m 5 down, 32 to go.

Has anyone dealt with any of this shit? Got patients who are young, strong(relatively), highly active but with secondary osteoporosis at unheard of advancement?

I pissed off the mods and wore out my welcome and I’m a smart arse and a narcissist but I need help and not the kind my specialists have learned for treating post-menopausal women with osteo and the occasional bber like you with hypothyroidism. But genetic disease causing rapid, early osteo and osteoporotic fractures in 30’s in a man with no obvious or measurable test deficiencies or E2 effects. They don’t understand it’s because I workout hard and intelligently to avoid symptoms. These motherfuckers take months to see, charge to the moon and have no fucking idea about how to treat me effectively.

If mods know of medically experienced posters who might be able to help please post me. My medical “professionals” don’t know shit about my condition. They know all about you motherfuckers giving yourself the opposite(hypothyroidism),with Thyroid Hormone Replacement therapy but not about rare genetic primary causes and how the young, active HPTA is effected(amongst other things).

Ask an endo online knows shit. World renowned endo Prof I see wants months of tests because he has no clue beyond secondary hyperparathyroidism causing osteo all related to genetic mutation.

I’ve taken my healthcare into my own hands after years of misdiagnoses and still no good docs. Am I wrong? Should bisulphosphates and a “brisk walk” do better for me than sub 8iu 111AA cycles stacked with anabolics to get enough core / stabiliser strength to survive into my 40’s upright. I don’t need dosing advise. I really need an endo who understands all this. But where? My endo is called “one of the best in Southern Henisphere” and specialises in thyroid disorders.

What the fuck would you do? Oh that’s right, give yourself hypothyroidism by ingesting prescription meds to stimulate T3/T4 to raise your metabolic rate right? And maybe even take a deadly poison that’s never been approved on the planet for medical use etc. Crazy motherfuckers. Let’s see what the guys I’m supposed to take advice from hip belt squat. If I can beat you in bodyweight (total) adjusted weights. I’m 186 and have been 184+ for 6 months and was up to 210lbs 20% at my peak pre-accident / illness severity onset. March 2011 to January 2014 to gain just over two inches on my thighs then lost all that and more a couple of months in bed / wheelchair. Now I’m stronger in unitary leg work with better stabilisers / balance and stronger with unitary leg work but smaller and just now exiting catabolic mode after restoration of thyroid function - got to keep monitoring and adjust says doc.

I don’t like being a smartass but I need experienced help preferably from someone who knows. Help a brother out. I’m calling myself a beginner, which I am in many ways, but I have lats now and use them and can hip belt squat respectable numbers given my starting strengths, age and hormone profile. i don’t give a coon’s sack what you think about chronically ill guys with muscle wasting who’ve been in the iron game for nearly 5 years and stuck to it despite everything. I love it. I got into lifting seriously early 2011 and didn’t get sick till a year later and didn’t get diagnosis till a few months ago. I’m a lifter who is sick through no fault of my own. Not someone who gave themselves hypoparathyroidism via prescription medicine abuse. Maybe explain again why the fuck I should listen to you, my doctors or anyone else? So long fellas.