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Really Need Help- Shake Confusion


If I want lean mass am I supposed to add a fast digested carb like dextrose?

This is what I was thinking of my preworkout:

Whey Protein
Creatine Monohydrate
And should I add dextrose into it or anything else?

And for postworkout:

Creatine Monohydrate
Oat and Whey Protein
And again should I add dextrose?


Keep things simple if you want to add muscle then get your calories in and train hard, Pre workout get a good meal in with Whey protein and put your oatmeal in here pre workout (You can use creatine pre and post if you like 5grams per and post) Post workout is when you want your dextrose at least 50 grams and 50 grams of Whey with your optional creatine.


If you want lean mass with minimal fat gain then opt for no dextrose post workout. Pre workout oat meal and dextrose are good choices. It all depends on your diet though, and you need to figure out through trial and tribulation what works best for you (carb cycle, anabolic diet, etc). G'luck.


Why do you want dextrose pre workout rather then post? The reason why I am asking, and this question will benefit the OP also, is because I am carb cycling and take dextrose with my PW shake...theres a thread right now about pre workout carbs vs post workout carbs and it seems to be pretty split


When you say you want lean mass are you implying that some people are training to get fat mass?

Everyone here is trying to gain lean mass. But unless youre a freak dont expect to gain only lean mass. It wont happen.

Adding dextrose postworkout doesnt make sense. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE ON "Para workout nutrition". Consuming simple carbs immediately post workout with the intent of spiking insulin is NOT the best route for making max muscle gains (nor for improving body composition)

There are at least 3 threads started in the past 2 months on the topic of post workout carbs. One of them is on the first page of the supps forum.