Really Inconsistent Sumo DL Weights


I setup the same every time. Sometimes I can do the weights like nothing, other days I cant even get my warm up weights off the floor.

6 weeks ago I did 210Kg (465lbs) for 4. Today I was meant to hit 220Kg x 4. My warm ups all felt really smooth and fast (180,190 and 200Kg) but then my final warm up (210Kg) didn’t even move, even though it should have got it comfortably.

This happens a lot, sometimes I cant even get 190Kg off the floor. It’s so frustrating as I switched to sumo 6 months ago and it’s the first time my deadlift has gone up in a couple of years.

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.


Without seeing how your training, recovery and nutrition is laid out and without seeing training videos we can’t really say.

More than likely you’re losing on the mental aspect along with other factors but this is all just a guess without several videos to compare.

Your technique is all over the place but you’re also giving up on the pull too early.

It appears you’re basically doing a wide stance convention RDL.

I would drop the weight down to about 50-70% and dial in technique for a bit.

Key take aways for sumo:

  • Drive your knees out towards the plates, feet pointed out between 45-60 degrees probably, drop your balls towards the bar.
  • Chest up, lats pulled down tight, head looking up a bit more
  • Hips should be lower than what you’re currently doing

Edit: this isn’t an inclusive list, just some quick key takes aways for now


Giving up way early. Also when you come down with the weight the bar goes out to go around your knees. This shouldn’t happen. Knees should be opened so the bar can travel straight down.

Another thing your hitting too high of weight warming up. You’re only jumping 20 lbs each set from about 405. Idk how many reps your doing with those but I would jump 50-75 lbs to your main set in my opinion. This should increase the stronger you get. I usually jump as much as 110lbs to my top set since I’m using calibrated kilo plates for dead.

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This would be my main comment.

Sumo is often a slow lift off the floor. Once you start getting into 90%+ of your 1RM you really have to stay with the pull.

  • I agree with everything that Corsti said above.
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Great, thanks a lot. I just seemed to find that pulls were a lot easier when my hips were high

I’ll drop the weight and work on it

I’m not saying they have to be super low btw, just probably a bit lower than where you’re at.

This is in addition to building your hamstrings, glutes, quads, core, etc

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Yeah thanks I’ll definitely work on it.

Tbh I think hip mobility is a major issue for me. I can’t get my hips lower without having them really far back like a conventional or my shins travelling forward.