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Really Imbalanced Lift Numbers?


I've been lifting since October of last year. Recently, I had to take 2 months completely off from May to June for personal reasons (didn't really sleep, barely ate, never hit the gym), but started up again this summer at the end of June.

Current stats on Starting Strength
6'0, 162 lbs (still a twig...)

3x5 300, Squats
3x5 140, Bench
1x5 285, Deadlift
3x5 110, Strict Press

As you can see, my bench is pretty laughable (I was originally doing 3x5, 150 before taking my 2 months off), and my deadlift should be way higher than it is.

How imbalanced am I? I've been blasting through squats for the last couple of sessions, with no signs of slowing down. But my bench is only gradually increasing, while my deadlift has been stuck for a while.

I figure my bench sucks because I have long noodle arms, and my deadlift sucks because I'm still trying to find that perfect setup to pull conventional. I can pull easier with sumo, but by not much.


They're not unbalanced and as a beginner it really doesn't matter anyway. At this stage you just need to focus on getting bigger and much stronger overall.(and slamming the calories)


Well you are using a pretty minimal routine, so it isn't a huge surprise that you're developing imbalances and important muscle groups are being left behind. It's also not a surprise that your squat is flying ahead of everything else since you are squatting three times a week.

My advice is to get on a more complete program. Every major muscle group is not covered on this program (not even to a minimum level), and I think you would be much happier doing all of the basic strength/bodybuilding exercises instead of just an arbitrary handful of them.

What are your goals?


FWIW, I'd be pleasantly surprised if OP is squatting to proper depth.. might need to take vids of himself to evaluate form (just a thought - looking at his height, weight, training experience, and program)


For years I lifted off and on, using the old 3 sets of 10. I'd make some good newbie gains, slack off, and lose it all. Not only that, I never did squats or deadlifted, never kept a workout log like I'd been instructed to do since I was a teenager, and had no idea how many calories I was consuming.

Fast forward to last year: I came back from a deployment, pretty lean, stronger than I'd been in a while, yet I was still 6'0" 165lbs. What do I do? I let it all go the whole last summer and became a pathetic looking 175lb skinny-fat dude so in late September last year, I buckled down and got back in the gym, only this time I had been reading around this site for a few months and had a plan.

I started from scratch, learned to stick to a program, kept a detailed log, etc. I'm now 197 @ apprx 13% BF. No looking back this time.

For the Deadlift, I started out with the Trapbar. Helped a lot with building overall strength plus it carries over to the Squat a bit. Worked my way up to a 385lb 1RM before ever attempting a Conventional. I still had/have a lot to learn but my progress has been steady, I've remained relatively injury free, and anytime I need a little boost I go back to my old log that started last fall and look at those numbers to see how far I've come and how worth it it is to keep on going.


I wouldn't sweat it too much man, the bench will catch up. As long as you aren't stalling yet on the bench there is nothing to worry about. The other lifts will eventually stall and progress will slow while progress on other lifts (ie: bench) will continue to move forward, so eventually it all evens out.