Really High Estradiol & Low Test AFTER TRT

Hello everyone,

I’ve started my trt 2 months ago with normal bloods, borderline low free testosterone and low total. I’ve just got my bloods, my e2 is 1553,00 pg/ml (not a mistake), with total at 396,00 ng/dl and free below minium at 4,91 pg/ml
I haven’t checked the dht

And idea what is going on? I haven’t used AI, but just started anaatrazole 1mg a day. Is it possible all testosterone was converted to estrogen by aromatase? Looks really extreme, help!

It’s a mistake, lol. You don’t have e2 levels 800x higher than normal.

Edit: your TT is so low, even on TRT. And Tren shows up as e2 on standard test. Are you doing that there Trenbolone Replacement Therapy?

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Also, that’s gonna be way too much my man. If it were me, and I got results that looked so weird, I’d do another pull just to be certain before I started going crazy with AI’s or whatever. Just my 2 cents.

You’re either a genetic freak or the lab test got botched. I’m leaning towards the botch lab test.

It has to be, a TT <400 and E2 at 1000>, no way.

This is insane, guess your doctor doesn’t mind if his patient have hollow bones like a bird because 3mg per week is enough to cause osteoporosis in men.

Jay Campbell Interviews Dr Robert Kominiarek on the Dangers of AI’s

Why it’s impossible to have e2 over a 1000 when test over a 1000 is standard at every blast?
If all got converted that would be it, but still it’s weird. I’ve done some testosterone before and it never happen.
Also no one said 1mg is a dose for life, its just to get the e2 until reasonable value
Believe me I’m shocked myself and I’m redoing all bloods in few days

Even with a TT 1000>, you wouldn’t see E2 anywhere near this level.

Are you on any biotin supplements?

I’m not, but I’m on tons of medication. According to my knowledge they should have no interactions with testosterone though

Do you know any scientific / pubmed study about it i can read about ratio of t to e2?

Cos we don’t have equal amounts of TT and e2. Also, the units are very different.

Anyway, you seem really resistant to the idea that it could be lab error. Have them run again just to be sure. Safest plan.

I forgot to mention something, if your C-reactive protein (marker for inflammation) is elevated, the standard E2 (Roche ECLIA methodology) testing will show falsely elevated E2 levels.

If this is the case, the sensitive E2 methods (Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry) accuracy is immune to inflammation.

I’m sceptical to the lab error indeed, as it’s a huge commercial lab chain, so I think it’s unlikely. I’m running it again hopefully today or tomorrow, I figured if test levels are still low and e2 is down it was either an error or there is something wrong with the gear. One week of anastrazole shouldn’t kill me.
I haven’t checked crp, but “ob” another inflammatory marker is in range
Maybe some drugs i take could make false results, but then it should show high e2 even after anastrazole. I guess we won’t find out before new bloods

Bruh, you’ve never taken 1mg of anastrozole daily for a week before … esp if that was lab error or bad gear. sincerely, best of luck.

What medicines are you taking that would possibly interfere with an e2/TT blood test? Just curious

It’s a gamble now if the levels are correct the dose is correct as well, if they are not I will crash e2 to nil, I’m aware of that and of the consequences. I hope I will have my results before the weekend or on Saturday, but most likely Monday.

I don’t think there should be interactions between my meds, but I might have missed something

I’m on: lithium, lamotrigine, velafaxine, methylophenidate, pramiprexole, cariprazine.

If anybody is interested these are results after 4 days of 1mg anastrazole, e2 crashed, t nice and high. I know that’s not trt, that’s a full blast right now. I’ve also spoken to a doctor and he recommended anastrazole 0.5mg rod with 50mg of testosterone e5d, I think things will even nicely from now on. He also said levels of 1500 are very possible and it seems the pathway of aromatase is very active in my case.

If 1mg anastrazole crashed your estrogen, than .5 still too much especially considering that you’re taking it every other day.

Stop this madness.

How much would you use? 1/4 eod?

Lower the Test dosage and ditch the AI.