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Really Happy w/T-Nation & Myself

Hey guys- wanted to let you know how my numbers were doing…big thanks to PROF Xs kick in the butt with eat (im the one that was counting almonds), started eating buttloads more calories and the number started skyrocketing

anyways here they are

Beg (KG) June 15
Barbell BP 65x2
DB BP 25x4

Squat 75x4

DL 80x3 (hands opposite direction)

August 5
Barbell BP 80x2
DB BP 30(max in gym)x8

Squat 90x2

DL 100x3(hands same direction)

A lot of that came with eating more, amazing…Thanks anyways

just wanted to add—

dips 4x4 —>4x11
pull ups 0!—>3
rows (on a rowing machine)45x5—>59x5
standing mp dumbell 15---->22.5

That’s so funny, I didn’t have a clue who you were, but as soon as you said “im the one that was counting almonds” I said, yep, I remember this guy! :smiley: LOL

Good to see your numbers going up, congratulations dude. Now keep at it so you can make the Prof proud. Nice work on those dips, by the way.

Factoid: There are aprox. 90 almonds in 100gr of almonds. But I’m sure you knew that. :wink:

Keep it up. And keep being happy with yourself. You’re your own best friend.