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Really Good Hummus


You can probably tell from my threads that I have some free time :slightly_smiling:

Anyway, I picked up this wasabi-ginger hummus yesterday. Holy shit is it good. I think I would be happy swimming and drowning in this stuff. It has a nice kick to it that doesn't take away from the flavour of the food and dip, but also leaves behind a nice spicy tingling feeling that give you a natural high.

Today was a good day, for once, so I'm in a better mood than usual.


I made some jalapeno hummus this past summer from the peppers I grew .. made a shit ton (that's a technical measurement) but it was some of the best hummus I've ever had


I have never made any, but I love Sabra's stuff. Mmm, roasted garlic hummus...


I had hummus today for the first time. Not sure if you've been to or even heard of 'cava mezze grill' but it's a lot better than chipotle and has awesome hummus.




I used to work at the Sabra plant when I was a teenager sorting chickpeas. I really kind of enjoyed it.

I think all the stuff sold in the USA is now from CA because of the anti-Jewish efforts at various universities that were forcing cafeterias to not carry Israeli products.

"Sabra" btw means "native born Israeli."


dint know this happens, but thanks obama!


lol right.


They don't sell wasabi hummus where I live or at least I've never seen it.

Can I simply add wasabi paste to standard hummus?