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Really Confused about What To Do

Hello guys. Firstly i need to say my english is really poor so please don’t remember me that.


I’ve tried weight training before for a month or two but quit for lazyness, but this time i’m really motivated and wanna put some real mass.

I’m 5’7 tall and weight 180 lb with a ~15% body fat.

I’ve started working out last week and i’m doing an upper/lower split routine


Is the upper/lower split good to put some mass, even without squat?

I road all the articles in beginners forum but i’m still don’t sure about what to do to gain size.

Anyway where i can put my program for some background?


The very simple way to add mass:
eat more calories than you need. Since you are new I’d suggest 0-500 more calories than you burn. more than that it will be fat I think.

Sleep a lot. If you are sleeping 3 hours that won’t work. If you sleep ~8 that’s pretty decent.

Train every muscle hard at least twice per week, preferably 3 times.

The exercizes that in general are thought to be the ones you should be doing are :

back squat, deadlift, bench press, rows, pull ups, dips, overhead press.

all of these except deadlifts should be done twice per week(squats maybe 3 times. You said you won’t do squats, if that’s the case do leg press but it really isn’t anywhere near as good as squats) Also you should do 3-5 sets of 5 reps on all of them except deadlifts which should have 5 sets of 1 rep.

I also personally suggest adding some lower back and abs exercizes every day. Either bodyweight or very light weights up to 40kgs/~85lbs. these should be done for 2-4 sets 5-20 reps depending on weight.

Actually i’m doing this split

Monday A
Tuesday B
Thursday A
Friday B

A - upper body

A1 pull up 3xmax
A2 Bench press 3x8

B1 One arm DB row 3x12 each arm
B2 Incline Bench 3x10

C1 Unilateral DB bench 3x12 each arm
C2 Incline Pull Down 3x12

D Seated Cable row 3x12
E Extern rotation 3x12

B - Lower Body

A Romanian Deadlift 3x8
B Split Squat 3x12
C Leg Curl 3x8
D Seated Hip abduction 3x10
E Lever Standing Calf raise 3x10

nothing wrong with a lower/upper split. But, if you wanna put on mass, you have to squat. nothing will put mass on faster

Starting Strength program

[quote]xfactor3236 wrote:
nothing wrong with a lower/upper split. But, if you wanna put on mass, you have to squat. nothing will put mass on faster[/quote]

Couldn’t agree more. For a beginner especially, you are really wasting your time without incorporating the squat, bench press, military, rows, dips, chins, and even basic push ups. You can curl a dumbbell all you want, but unless your doing big compounds like these, you’re not gaining as much as you potentially could. IMO of course.