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Really Comfy Shoes Help Please


I start my new job at a hospital soon. I will be accepting the postion of head of neurology...ok, I lied lol, it's an environemental service worker...guess what that is.

Anyhoo, I've always worn steel toe work boots for work.

If anyone here works in job that require's them to be on their feet all day I could use some suggestions. Whats a good brand? I figure there are some nurses in these forums that could steer me in the right direction.

All I know are basketball hi-tops which I don't think would work too well.

Vegita if your reading this Vibrams are out!...that goes for all you other Vibram zealots lol.

Apologize in advance for starting another shoe thread :wink:



Vibra...... Oh shit nevermind.



I don't work in a hospital, but I am on my feet all day. I wear Nike running shoes, find a pair that are comfortable.


Seriously though, I would go to a shoe store, Like not a footlocker, but one that sells shoes AND sneakers and athletic sneakers. Ask them, I used to work days at a sneaker store and nights bussing tables. I bought some Reebok walking shoes for like $20 bucks, they were all black and they were fine for all day on your feet running around a restaurant.

Something like this, though these look like they are $40. Hell when I paid $20 it was 97 so I'm sure the prices have come up.



I would advise against this. Most running shoes have too much support and the cusioning is designed to absorb a higher level of impact, namely from running. A Walking shoe is designed with far less support and more appropriate cushioning. Also, a running shoe is designed to be light and breathable, however, this means if you get something spilled on them it's going right through to your sock and foot. An all leather walking shoe will provide your foot better protection.



Forgot link.



I bought some skechers work shoes, not sure what model or whatever they are but they work great. Threw in some dr scholls work insoles and haven't had sore feet since.


Leather Vivo's:


I'd also consider just getting a well fitting formal shoe, find one thats light and has a thin heel.


As gay at they look the sketchers shape ups are ridiculously comfortable.


Plus, if you choose the shape-ups, there's no need to lift anymore.


Comfortable is for pussies.


I love Sanuks. Comfortable as hell..but most of them aren't something you could wear to work or anything (depending where you work) and they don't have many that will keep your feet warm in the winter.


plus, Joe Montana (the greatest Quarterback of all time) wears shape ups.



checkout the Redwing brand


Birkenstocks with socks.

You'll look like a gay, but your feet will thank you.

I've spent a lot of time working in hospitals, and a lot of doctors actually wear this combo.


Eccos, or rockports with the in shoe air blowing vent thingy that blows air when you step on them.

advice from a mormon missionary who spent the majority of his time on the rockports walking around

those are my suggestions for the more dressy look.


Clarks' Wallabees are comfortable but whether you think they're stylish or not...


Says the cuddly barefoot lion.



If you're going to have long pants on, get a pair of quality compression socks. They'll make a big difference. Get a pair of walking shoes, not running shoes. Make sure they fit properly (snug, but not tight) so that you don't have to pull the laces very tight, which will lead to pain. A lot of people buy shoes that don't fit properly. Get a pair of gel inserts. Cut them to fit your shoe size and use them.

Finally, warm up/stretch your feet before the day starts. I used to volunteer at a soup kitchen and had to stand for about 6 hours. I'd soak my feet/calves in a tub of hot water for a while, then do some nice stretches before putting the socks and shoes on. Makes a big, big difference.


Thankyou all for the suggestions. I ended up getting a pair of Denver Hayes leather walking shoes. They cost $100 clams but I feel it was worth the cost.

They should be perfect for working in a hospital and sooooo comfortable. From talking to people I know who work there I'm really going to dig this job. I better get used to working weekends and holidays being the FNG lol.