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REALLY busting this plateau

Alright here is the deal I have been stuck at around the same weight/bodyfat for a while now and the same strength, I really want to bust this, so I am going to do a modified growth surge project I did the 2 first weeks already, and I am ready to eat but I changed the exercises around, Im 20 so I dont think over training will be a factor, and I dont care too mych about body fat, so I am going to extend it to 3 weeks, I figure on about 4000-4500 cals a day, continuing w/ creatine, I think itll take around 30-45 minutes for each workout set so itll be about 1 and a half in the gym each day, I am going to to do the exercise days in the order A C D B, w/ basically no cardio except for indoor soccer once a week.

Day A
chest/bis 3sets of ten for all exercises
decline bench
incline bench
flat bench
leg lifts

ez preacher curl
reverse preacher curl
cable curl
concentration curl
side bends

Day B
overhead tricep press
rope pushdown
tricep kick back
skull crushers
weighted concentration crunch

military press
front shoulder raise
lat pulldown
swiss ball crunch

Day C
t-bar row
bent over row
standing upright row
standing bent over
decline weighted crunch

good mornings
squat and press
bent over standing row/barbell

Day D
weighted box step-up
weighted lunge
leg press
calf raise