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Really Ass to Grass


Is it there any point to developing this degree of flexibility? What exactly is necessary to get to that point?


To separate yourself from the 99% that do quarter and half squats. Why settle for mediocrity?


I catch cleans and snatches at full compression. Therefore I need strength at full compression. Therefore I squat ass to grass. That is the point of developing this degree of flexibility.


even if you ain't OlyW... if want really strong and fast legs you Squat ATG. If wanna be a poser then don't.

p.s ATG is a natural position, lost to most in developed countries becuase we sit on square chairs too often. Check out this aweseme video...


That was the best video I've ever seen.


I legit just moved my chair to figure that one out, I had my feet way to narrow and kept going onto the balls of my feet by instinct.