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Reality TV

If you had choice of automatic entry onto a reality TV show which would you choose? I would choose The Amazing Race and compete with my wife. BTW, we would win!!!

None of them… But if I had to choose is Got to be FEAR FACTOR or Survivor because Survivor looks challenging and I love a challenge… And after going through cancer, having heart surgey when I was young… Not getting killed in a pedstrian/ car accident (I was in the pedstrian).Competed in platform diving ect… So I have NO FEAR!! Not afraid of dying… Live life to the fullest that u can… And help others along the way… Thats my MOTTO… Life is to short to have FEAR…


Good question. Might sound like a lame ass for saying it, but I LOVE reality tv…haha. I would have to say either The Bachleor (come on…25 beautiful women fighting over you…could it get any better?). Or The Amazing Race. If my ex and I were still together…we would be perfect for that show. We would bicker and fight, which would be hilarious and have fun at the same time!

Are you Hot of course!

Yeah, right…

Personally, I hate the whole reality TV movement. Fortunately, I don’t watch much TV.

I think I would have to go with Fear Factor. I think I would do very well at it since in my sporting past I’ve done:

Judo (and floated through many other martial arts)
Mountain biking
Bike Trials (www.biketrials.com)

I’ve also played at one time or another just about everything there is around here (funny enough living in Edmonton, never hockey). From a sport performance standpoint I’m pretty good at just about anything because I’m fairly strong, fast and quite agile.

Plus I think it would be fun to scream like a child molester in prison while laying in a tub full of snakes or rats or something. I’ve had pet snakes, and lizards and wierd stuff so none of that would bother me. But it would be fun to try and psych everyone else right out.


ps. Or Joe Millionaire, let’s see just how shallow SOME women are. . .