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Reality Show Mass Circuit 3 Times/Week

Hi guys,
I spent the last 3 months on the Korte’s routine, two full volume cicles and an intensification cicle which improve my strength and especially my tecnique.
Now I feel the need to do something different and I find the reality show mass circuit. I think it should be perfect to give the body a different stimulus using the 4 big lift, in order to transform the strength and coordination gained with the Korte’s program in something more hypertrophic and metabolic.
The question is: is performing this circuit 3 times/week optimal for muscle growth or should it bring to burn out quickly?
Anyone tried the program 3 times/week?
Which is in your opinion the best schedule for this kind of circuit?
Many thanks!

Considering that this program was written something like 8 years ago, it is doubtful that anybody here did it. I wouldn’t do it 3x per week as is, but you could do a 3rd day where you don’t push as hard or focus on speed (see the Build for Battle circuits for something similar). Or do a “technique day” on the big basic lifts.

Many thanks for the answer.
So you mean something like a ramping up to a 3RM with good form on the first day of the week for the big lift, followed by two non consecutive day of reality show mass circuit?

Not ramping to a 3RM, doing TECHNIQUE WORK… strength-skill work… something like 5 x 3 @ 80-85%

Ok, so low rep and moderate load for the big lift?
I can training just 3 times/week.
What do you think about something like this:

Squat 5x3@85%
Bench 5x4@80%
Deadlift 5x1@85%, 1X3@75%

Reality show mass circuit

Reality show mass circuit

Many many thanks! You are the best!

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Starting with a very confortable load (in order to promote a technique work), should be a good option on monday to have a light progression of load week after week?
Or should it be better a “technique progression” with fixed load, such as paused reps, slow eccentric?

I’m not familiar with the Reality Show Mass Circuit but if your plan for Monday is going to be the easiest session of your week then I’d put that on Wednesday. An easier day between two hard days can help with recovery and prime you for the next session.