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Reality Show Chick Goes PSYCHO



This chick goes off! Very amusing.


This woman is an excellent argument for eugenics and selective breeding.


What a freak!


I love it! "Gargoyles, Slaggets!" (What is a slagget?)


Would be funny if she exploded or something.


Holy shit....when she was freakin out she had kinda a demon-freak face thing goin...scared the crap outta me....

Fat people have the funniest temper tantrums!


It looked like she was about to, fat bitch.


I'd hit it.


I second that.

That's why I think religious integrist are the scariest people there is...


lol, i remember watching that episode with my mom about 6 months ago, i knew it was just a matter of time before that ends up all over the internet


If that guy in the green shirt was her husband - what a poor excuse for a "man" (if you can still can him that)

what disturbs me most about this clip was not the ravings of a fat lunatic who decided to latch on to "Jesus" b/c her life is completely devoid of anything else -

but the scared shitless look on the faces of her family members - especially the husband - just shoot that poor bastard to put him out of his misery. That dude is definitely going to heaven for having to put with that miserable bitch for a lifetime.

I predict all her kids are going to become Satan-worshipping pagans. It's only a matter of time.

wow - the Bible belt sure is a fucked up place.


What reality show was it off, and why were those other people on the dark side? Are you sure she just didn't watch the last Star wars movie; because my reaction was pretty similar, it was that shit.

Anyway i'd hit it, but this time in a non-sexual way.


Damn- imagine having to wake up every morning next to that monstrosity. Best you could hope for is a quick death


After watching that, I'm convinced she does the voice of the bus driver on South Park.


with a semi-truck.


That would be miss chokesondick, good call.


Your last comment is extremely ignorant and it somewhat offends me. I am a very religious person who happens to live in the bible belt. I will admit that the lady does freak out, but to say that about a great region of the country where most people actually care about others is very closemided. By the way am am a Yankee by birth and lived in the north for 26 years before becoming transplanted to the south. I have very little desire to return to the north. I find "Southern Hospitality" very inviting.


It would've been real cool, and perhaps more fitting, if a 3' flickering, forked tongue would have jumped out from that gap in her teeth.


No that's not Ms. Chokesondick. Ms. Chokesondick is the teacher with the tits that hang out from under her shirt. A'duh......


I just love the mushy music at the end.

LMFAO :slight_smile: