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Reality Check on Progress Pictures

      Hey T-Nation. Here are some progress pictures since i have started lifting. Its been exactly 2.5 months since i started. I just need a reality check. 

A little back round. I am a freshmen in high school. Before i started lifting i was very fat (and weak). I decided to go to the gym with my friend one day, just to screw around of coarse and thats when i noticed. I was fucking weak. I immediately came to this site. Started a normal BB split and went from there. I stopped making excuses, i stopped being lazy, and i started getting serious. No more bullshit. Well as you no i came here to show my progress.It has been a few short months but i want to know if im doing it right. Well here are the pics. Besides some advice i also want to know my BF level if one of you could estimate that. Thanks guys!

that is me at 145 pounds and approximately 18%bf according to some machine. here is the current me.



legs. I know there awful

Dude. Wow.

Lift and eat for like two-three years before needing “progress pictures.”

Seriously, gtfo with this shit.

so those pics are me at about 160. I have no clue what Bf. I know im small and fat and shit but im just looking to see if you guys think im making progress and if my gains arent all fat. I also want to know what you guys think my BF is. Thanks in advance.

Children should not be posting pictures of themselves on the internet.

Forget your bodyfat level. It doesnt matter.

As long as youre lifting regularly and learning something new everyday, no matter how insignificant it may seem, youre on the right track.

You’ve got a head start on many people your age. That’ll pay off one day. Good luck.