Realistic TRT Recomp Progress

I would say that actually, given how high that dose and TT are, you don’t produce much E2. Mine is often higher than that on TRT doses. Obviously you know your body better than I do – just saying it’s all relative :slight_smile:

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Do you plan to keep doing blasts? Don’t think I ever will

5 days in on P5P @ 50 mg each AM

This has been a real game-changer. Waking up with wood pretty much every day, having much more sex. I don’t know if this will work forever but, 4 years into HRT, I’m shocked none of my providers have ever even mentioned it (or caber, or anything about PRL for that matter).

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So when I was on 200 mg a week (EOD injections), and no AI, my E2 was 72, with 875 mg a week (EOD) and EOD adex at 0.25 mg, my E2 was at 80. I think adex works really well at lower E2 for me.

I think at a certain point, more Test won’t equal more E2 because the aromatase has a limit. I don’t know where that limit is for me.

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What brand are you taking?

NOW Supplements ($12 on Amazon)

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Wow! That’s nuts. That’s one seriously potent AI

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It could be overdosed. It is UGL adex, was cheap ($34 for 100 1 mg tabs).

I have done two sets of blood work with adex, one of them being compounded adex at 0.125 mg three times a week. I had a strong reaction to it both times. Never crashed E2 though. I just know for me with the blood work I have done that I don’t need much.

A lot of guys without much experience seem to want to jump into a cycle using 0.5 mg EOD to start, or even more. Dosing like that needs to be justified with blood work IMO. You might need it, but you might also need nothing, or very little. I could have gotten by with no AI, but I think I felt a bit better with a little. E2 was still double the range, and I felt pretty good.

Historically, I have not used any during TRT periods (I’ll probably only be doing TRT doses at this point, 50 mg EOD). Now I am using Finasteride, and that lowers DHT a lot (I also seem to be a hyper responder to that in regards to blood levels of DHT), and lower 5 alpha reductase activity allows more FT to convert to E2. So less androgens and more estrogen. I think a little lower E2 helps the overall well being and libido on Finasteride, but I just am struggling on picking an adex dose to try out to see how it impacts my blood work. Don’t want to crash. Thinking 0.0625 roughly EOD would be pretty good, but splitting a tab up like that is not feasible. Might try the dissolve method, and make it really weak, so I need to take like 1 mL to get 0.0625 mg of adex.

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I saw a chart of this, but TT was like over 3000ng to achieve the saturation of AE. We’re all different, maybe your limit is lower?


I would love to see that chart or paper. Would also like to see one for 5 alpha reductase. Been something I’ve been trying to quantify.

I’m 42, and my blasts are usually pretty mild in comparison to others. But yeah, I’ve got a couple left in me, I think. Lately I have been pretty burned out from the gym, like zero desire to lift for the past month or so. Instead of forcing it, I’m taking as much time off as my head needs before going back. But when that time comes I will want to catch up some of the muscle loss, I’m sure. I’ll do a blast for that

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Happens to all of us, man…that drive will come back

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Telehealth consult with MHB wrapped up.

The gist: keep on doing what I’m doing.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my doc had no familiarity with P5P, but wish he did so we could talk about it.

He also hadn’t heard of L-carnitine (wanted to discuss the effects on androgen receptor density)…I’ve wondered if I should try it out.

new studies says better to have high prolactin then lower for sexual function

@bkb333 thwt P5P came in yesterday and I ate one. Had sexy time and couldn’t ever finish :joy: curious to see if it’s a one time fluke or what. I’ll be out of town this weekend so won’t get to experiment till Monday.

Will report back with my findings lol

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Wow, wouldn’t have expected that. Doesn’t seem to be the case for me. But neither high nor low has been ideal - medium has been best. I’m n=1 obviously but think a bunch of other guys feel better when it’s lower (or medium)

I’m definitely lasting longer too bro

Haven’t noticed effects wearing off but I’m still tempted to try 100 :joy: I’ve felt SO much better since adding P5P, it’s been like when I first started exogenous T - dat honeymoon period doh

It’s a bad thing for me lol. I could already last as long as I wanted.

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Same. I have also experienced not being able to finish. My wife gets insecure if I can’t finish, so it is a big deal.

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