Realistic TRT Recomp Progress

Interesting - and none of that on 50? Definitely share your labs when you get ‘em

Day 2 on P5P (50 mg in AM)…same deal as yesterday.

More dopamine, it seems, as I have plenty of energy and feel pretty good (definitely in a different headspace) – but no libido effects so far.

Are you controlling e2 at all during this process?

I am day 3 on 100mg and had trouble sleeping, up very early and some anxiety. I haven’t changed anything else, so it has to be that. No extra libido either

I’m not – you mean through an AI? Haven’t taken one in years. Are you?

So it sounds like 50 mg is better dose for you, eh?

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I was on .25mg weekly while on 200mg test weekly, but my labs came back with TT 1800ng e2 108pg, so I’ve lowered my dose back down to 120mg, but am experiencing a ton of high e2 issues (coupled with the P5P) so I took .5mg Anastrozole today, I should hopefully feel better in a day or two.

Appears so, lol. I’m curious how you do at the 3-5 day mark

Libido has definitely picked up! Had sex 2X yesterday (Day 2), which almost never happens.

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It’s wild how quick it starts working. I’m curious if we could take it every other day and still get the benefits? Or twice a week?

Hmm, hypothetically, I bet less frequent dosing would work. We’d probably need data on the half-life and E2 timing. But it seems like 50 was working well for you and didn’t have side effects, right?

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I think so. But I stopped the P5 and took .5mg Anastrozole and now feel better 2 days later, so I really can’t say which it was (probably both). I broke my own rule and made two changes at once instead of just one. But I’ll test again in 6 weeks and see how things look

How long have you been on TRT?

4 years

8 here

So it seems like you’re trying to manipulate both PRL and E2, right? Which one do you focus on more on bloods? I’ve felt so much better since adding 50 mg P5P. Tempted to try 100 but don’t want those negative sides

I always focus on e2, cos if that gets too high then I get crazy anxiety, but when it’s just right everything feels great. I’ve only checked PRL a handful of times. But I’ve focused on that more lately just to experiment. When my e2 is in the right place it seems that my PRL just kinda falls in line with it.

My hope was that I could let e2 just get as high as it wanted to while I controlled PRL. My theory was that the high e2 side effects were mostly coming from the higher PRL, but I don’t think that’s entirely correct after this last go

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I’d say stay at 50mg for a while and if you notice the effects wearing off, then go up to 100mg

Were you taking this in one dose?

No, split 2x per week, .125mg A the day after each shot. I should have been using .25mg after each, I think

That makes more sense. I wish I could find some tabs smaller than 1 mg, so splitting up to less than .25 would be reasonable. I think I am someone who has a strong reaction to adex, but also produces a good amount of E2 without adex. When I was blasting 875 mg/wk, with adex (0.25 mg EOD), and Fin (0.5 mg ED), I had a TT of 4700 ng/dL, and an E2 or around 80 (double the range), DHT was middle range (I think 55). Double the range isn’t all that high IMO, with that TT. But now that I am cruising (175 mg/wk) and shooting for an average (not trough) level of 1000 ng/dL, I am thinking based on previous labs, that my E2 is about the same as on blast. I think I might feel a bit better with a lower E2? But I am pretty sure much more than 0.25 mg each week would crash it.

I was thinking about dissolving tabs in alcohol, and using that to dose it EOD at like 0.0625 mg. Then doing labs in 4 weeks.

I am the exact same way. My e2 gets up to 70+pg with TT 1000ng on my “normal” TRT with no AI, down to 45pg on .25mg A weekly. I really needed the compounded .125mg tabs to be able to dose it the right way.

I tried dissolving in vodka once and fucked that up lol so gave up. Empower makes .125mg tabs and Hallandale made .25mg caps that I could split in half.

The weird thing is when I did a little blast last year, 360mg test + 25mg Var daily, I took .5mg A a week and e2 came back <15pg. Maybe that was the Var lowering SHBG to single digits and metabolizing TT/e2 faster? Don’t know, but I felt like shit. I’m doing my next blast test only, keep SHBG normal, and see how that goes

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