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Realistic TRT Recomp Progress

Are you assuming the only symptoms are lack of gains?

I see a lot of guys that only think of TRT as an easy way to bust past a plateau in the gym, when the benefits are far beyond that and likely don’t matter for many guys on TRT

I know there are a lot more symptoms. I was mainly curios how it impacted gym performance/results,

I wasn’t making great progress in the gym. T has helped a bit with gains, but the difference hasn’t been dramatic. I don’t track strength or aesthetics very closely. I’m now more focused on performance (mobility, athleticism, energy, etc) and mental health.

I got on T for quality of life and for my marriage. I had low libido and low energy (I’d get super sleepy in the afternoon). The latter problem has been fixed. The former is not.

My TT was always high (1989 before starting TRT) but I got on because SHBG was so high (only could get it down to 110 before getting on T).

Know there’s a ton of individual variance, but anyone aware of a general “ideal” threshold of caffeine WRT longevity? I’d guess it’s no more than 300 mg. I do like it for its performance benefits though.

What does WRT stand for?

With regard to

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