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Realistic TRT Recomp Progress

Gonna be real with you, brother…I really wish things had gone better for you, and obviously I don’t know all the ins and outs of your situation, but I think you’re being a little hard on Saya.

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For anyone interested in the info @Gandalf recommended from the Anabolic Doc on cardiovascular risk on TRT.

TL;DR: monitor your BP and understand testosterone can be hugely risk if not administered properly.

Thoughts on best timing for dosing Tadalafil? I’m taking 3 mg per day, primarily for BP, but the ED effects might be a nice potential side.

Anytime, it’s got a fairly long HL and builds up over 5 days or so to peak

Edit: just FYI I take 2.5mg daily and don’t see much change in BP. I take 10mg Telmisartan for that and it has a big impact

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Great to know brother

Podcast recommendation: Matt Walker on Huberman. I liked Why We Sleep but think this appearance is even better than the book.

I started reading why we sleep by him. Tough book to get through :joy:

Good read but one of the most dense books I’ve come across recently. He’s better on podcasts. Love his passion for sleep!

I’ve gotten into charting my sleep lately with an Oura ring. Looking for strongest correlating factor between kcal, macros, activity level, sex, hormones, sun exposure, stress, etc.

Sleep score is usually ~75, which isn’t terrible, but I’d love to get above 80.

I’m just curios, what is causing your guys’ low testosterone levels?
I have seen a lot of ppl on this forum in their 20s complaining about low testosterone, which seems to be very rare?

I think mine was drugs and alcohol all through my puberty years combined with multiple head injuries.

Who knows really

When did you discover you had low T (age) and what was the free/total test level?

I think 26 is when I first got tested. My total was always under 300 first thing in the morning when tested. Got tested a few times before prescribed. Not sure about free

Huh interesting. Did you have any telltale symptoms (anything at all)?

Of course lol but I still have basically all those symptoms. TRT wasn’t a magic pill for me like so many claim it is. I only continue with it because I believe it’s healthier than where I was and because I’m a meat head. I want the juice.

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Any symptoms in specific that really bothered you? I assume you were still lifting back then but not makin any gains?

I don’t feel like typing it all out. Short answer is keep working out with that those smart people in your journal have put together and if after following that for a solid year you don’t see progress then go down that route lol

Just to clarify, I doubt I have any issues with test (literally zero symptoms) I have high energy, sex drive, no hair/beard issues.
I was just curios if it did really impact your results a lot or something

It’s not a magic bullet, like @wanna_be said, and often takes a LONG time to dial in a good protocol that makes you feel good and won’t trash your health. Hell, I’m still figuring it out.

The biggest plus I get from TRT now is drive. I’m super motivated and could work, train, etc. all day. I have much more energy than the average 30-year-old with a busy career and family life.

I’m not sure what caused my issue - I think it’s largely genetic, maybe exacerbated by stress, keto dieting, and over training. If you wanna hear more of my backstory, it’s at the start of this thread.

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It’s a huge (and complex - i dont know a lot of the stuff) thread but I took a look back and saw your pre treatment Test was slightly below 200.

I couldn’t see anywhere if you faced any symptoms, were you struggling to make progress in the gym? What were your lifts like before? I do see you made some crazy good gains sometime in compared to the first ever pic.