Realistic TRT Recomp Progress

I ordered some p5p it worth a try and what I remember my doctor did say I had high prolactin levels on some old lab works. But I didnt have any tumor its checked. And If I orgasm it take around 3-4 days to get some what a libido again so that feels like a prolactin problem or does really androgen receptor density in brain boost after only 3-4 days?. Well could be low dopamin to. But anyway I have high shbg to with high total t that is the main problem I guess :/.

Really valuable information here, that I’ve got a few takeaways from.

Dosing an ai during a cycle shouldn’t be done in a linear fashion. A guy that used .5 mg adex on 200 mg of testosterone, shouldn’t need 2 mg of adex with 800 mg. More like 1 mg. With 5 alpha reductase inhibitors this doesn’t really work, because the dose response doesn’t work like an ai does (0.25 mg of fin reduces DHT almost as much as 5 mg).

Low dose cycle of testosterone (350 mg ish) may result in almost the same androgenic sides compared to a high dose cycle. If those are a concern, using more for less time might be advantageous.


Not so far

Bet it’ll help you

I am wondering if it’s good to take always while on TRT just as a precaution. Baring in mind you don’t get nasty side effects from the dose.

Hey @bkb333. We haven’t chatted in a while and hope you are well. Leaving this here in case you want to read more:

An option to test TRT while trying to maintain LH action. Take care.

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Physique update…

Weighing 182 lbs. I lost a lot of muscle after my hip surgery, dropping 20 lbs., but have clawed back to (and perhaps slightly beyond) my starting point. Proud to have never let my discipline waver even when I sure didn’t feel like training. Not tracking macros or anything, just eating intuitively and watching the scale slowly go up.

I’m starting to get a bit fluffy, so weighing a cut for beach season. Long-term goal is to be lean at 190, but that’s likely 10 years away, so maybe I’ll shed a bit of fat and then resume the lean bulk this fall.


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@mkb333 shoulders look good and congrats on the discipline it takes a lot especially after losing 20 lb

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I tried P5P didnt do much…almost worse. I think I gonna give proviron a try. Just for short term benifits. But some say it wont lower shbg but it still attach to the shbg “block it”

It will be if you keep cutting every time you get very slightly fluffy! I know we’ve gone back and forth in this a few times but a long term bulk (I’d continue on now if I were you), building up to 200+ (210/215 even) and holding that for a long time before cutting will get you a lean 190 quicker than bulk/cut for years in end.

Looking good now though well done on the perseverance!

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I was up to a soft but strongish 230 @ 5’10". Was pretty lean at 195, but I bet upper 180s maybe 190 would have looked jacked.

Just an observation, but a lot of the more muscular guys I know have taken that path. Get big, hold there, cut down.

It does suck looking like a whale though haha. In hindsight, I don’t know if I would have gotten quite as large.


Yea, it definitely seems the more direct and overall successful route, and @bkb333 has the natural propensity to be lean, getting bigger and a bit fluffier will be difficult, getting lean at the end of it will be no problem at all.


Yea thats also my case. I gained some size only when i finally pushed through being fat for year and a half


what are your guys refractory period?..I have high shbg and what I read on internet almost all ppl seem to have like a couple of hours then ready to go. For me its like 3 days

Massive individual variance, and my refractory period varies from day to day too

Took some time off, as I like to do, but I’m back.

Over the summer, I read Antifragile. Tremendous book for thinking outside the box. Taleb is against many new medical interventions, including HRT. (See a summary here: Antifragile /  Getting Stronger)

He suggests HRT is a novel agent that “fragilizes” us. I don’t think this would apply to someone in desperate need of hormones, but it could apply to many of us from the “healthy” population (you know, the optimization-minded guys).

Something I’ve been reflecting on – I’d love to hear what others think of this take.

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But how much does he squat? Leg press doesn’t count. Six pack? FFMI?

Welcome back.

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wtf is refratory referring to?

I never bulk and get pretty big and lean… imo bulking is a waste of time. many have shown it isnt needed. so much work :rofl:.

DATA ALERT :bangbang:

I come seeking wisdom on my labs…

First, the not-so-bad results:

And the concerning results:

Protocol: 220 mg T-cyp, injected 2X/week; 3.6 g fish oil, 5 mg Tadalafil, and 50 mg P5P every day. I feel good. Not “Superman” amazing, but not bad! Libido is solid. Not a ton of motivation to lift but I’m disciplined so I don’t miss any sessions.

I’m most troubled by cholesterol. My HDL has always been low, but 28 is really low. Interestingly, HDL is lower than it’s ever been before, even though this is a T dose relative to my history. In January, at 260 mg/week, plus 25 mg EOD Danazol, HDL was 39. Perhaps I should reintroduce Danazol…but I was trying to simplify things.

FT (23.8) isn’t through the roof (again, this is in the context of my previous high numbers) but is good. E2 (40) is quite low for me. This is probably because SHBG (110) has shot back up (68 last test).

LH and FSH are both very low – should I be concerned?

I plan to see two doctors (cardiologist in Boston and Defy) for opinions. Please share your thoughts!

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