Realistic TRT Recomp Progress

A lot of people raise their eyebrows at the telemedicine model, and I can 100% see how it’d be problematic for someone who doesn’t go in with a plan, but IMO it’s a pretty great new technology for guys who treat themselves like their own doctor (like most of the smart fellas around here).

Agreed. I have 3 telemedicine doctors at the ready in addition to team of local folks. Sadly, my genetics don’t seem to be compatible with my original plan. But I’m learning along the way.

Specifically in regards to TRT.


Great point. We should always be mindful of “Gainz clinic” approach vs “TRT clinic” approach. As Feynman stated, the easiest person to fool is yourself. I try to stay mindful of not merging those two approaches to managing hormone levels. But if you have the appropriate clinical indications, it isn’t hard to merge the two. Whether that’s smart is another story and seems dependent on your genes and maybe luck?

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Our background knowledge (implicit) certainly does impact our conscious knowledge. I don’t believe we’ll ever have a fully objective view of reality.

With that said, objective facts do exist. The natural world is not a social construct. So by bringing our perspectives and experiences together, we can get closer to a perfect view of the truth.

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Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks, and I think I can feel the T kicking in. I have more energy throughout the day and feel more charismatic. Definitely don’t mean to imply I’m killing it – still no increase in libido – but I am starting to feel better!


I had the weirdest experience of my life on Saturday – a panic attack. It lasted three hours. I rapidly felt like I was dying and took an ambulance ride to the ER. Absolutely terrifying and came out of nowhere, though in retrospect it was exacerbated by having way more caffeine than usual (which I drank because I couldn’t sleep the night before).

It feels impossible to describe. I thought panic attacks were always pretty quick or prompted by a clear anxiety trigger. Nope. I was having an awesome day with family and friends and had just pulled off a huge career win the day before. I also thought they were mainly a mental thing, but this totally took over my physical body. So odd

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Unrelated: I tested positive for COVID while at the hospital

That sucks. I know the feeling, unfortunately… the only reason I didn’t call 911 when I first had one was I’ve seen my brother in law have them a bunch so I figured out that’s what it was. On paper they don’t seem so bad (“not life threatening”, etc.)… in reality it really sucks regardless.

I had the first one I’ve ever had a few months ago and it sucks so bad, feels like you’re dying or in some crazy fight/flight mode but there’s no actual reason for it. The worst part for me is now I worry about having another one pretty regularly, which really only makes things worse. I ended up getting prescribed a beta-blocker that I only take if I feel like one could be coming on, but I hate taking it otherwise, makes me super tired and blah feeling. It blocks adrenaline from working which helps stop the whole heart pounding out of your chest feeling.

Hopefully, it was a one-time thing for you. I remember shaking so bad I could barely hold my phone, then throwing up at some point. For me I found walking around the neighborhood helped. I guess it’s a mindless enough activity but gets my heart rate up a little bit, which makes the pounding chest thing not feel quite as out of the ordinary.

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I’m so glad you knew from your brother-in-law’s example, man. No one had any idea what was happening to me.

You’re right about the on-paper thing – they go through all the vitals and it’s like, you’re fine. You aren’t having a heart attack or stroke.

But internally, you couldn’t feel any further from fine. The EMT kept asking what drugs I took. I was like, nothing, man, just a bunch of caffeine. From what I understand, caffeine can play a key role in panic attacks.

Did you feel like you were living outside of your body? I felt like I was quickly losing all my physical abilities – the ability to walk, the ability to form words, the ability to think. It was like I was both dying and becoming handicapped at the same time. So weird to describe to people who haven’t experienced it.

I’ve taken beta blockers before. Definitely understand why you don’t want to take them routinely. They do put you in a fog.

I didn’t have the out of body feeling I don’t think, I felt like I was coming out of my skin literally though. It was super uncomfortable, almost like the creeped out feeling you’d have if bugs were crawling on you but I didn’t actually feel like bugs were crawling on me, for lack of a better way to describe it. Hot showers helped and walking helped. Running probably would have helped if I was runner, but I’ve always sucked at running so I figured a heart attack on top of a panic attack was probably a bad idea

The first one I had when I was falling asleep, I got really congested just as I was falling asleep and woke up in full freak out mode, felt like I was suffocating, breathing through my mouth didn’t feel like it was doing anything and I couldn’t breathe through my nose… it sucked. I knew mouth breathing worked all the same as far as not suffocating goes, but it just didn’t feel that way because I was already having a panic attack at that point.

Now every time I get totally congested it’s like oh f… here we go, then worrying about it makes it worse. I very much need to have a sinus surgery to fix what’s causing the congestion to come and go, but I’ll be 100% congested and mouth breathing for a week or two after the surgery. I get a lot of anxiety just thinking about that, but I’m going to have to do it sooner or later or I’m always going to be at best breathing out of one side of my nose and constantly going back and forth with being congested or not.

My sinuses and nose are all screwed up for whatever reason, like 5 out of 6 sinuses are full of junk that won’t come out, so they want to open those up, clean them out, shrink my turbinates and fix a deviated septum. Not looking forward to that one but I think I’m going to do it in January once my out of pocket max resets

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Hey man I hope you are doing better now, I’m just curious which dosage and kind of T were u on on this panic attack episode?

Hey bro – T cyp at 250 mg/week

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Get the surgery as soon as you can bro, I’m certain you won’t regret it!

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I’m surprised. I felt like I couldn’t walk at all. I guess it’s different for all of us

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Thanks man, I agree on the caffeine being a trigger

Yeah, in retrospect my actions were very stupid. Friday night I didn’t sleep at all (I was wired, likely a buildup to the panic attack), but Saturday we had big plans with family and I wanted to be present so I decided to have some caffeinated coffee for the first time in 3 months. 3 cups in, the panic ensued. As I said: in hindsight, I can see how dumb it was. I was just really enjoying the coffee lol

Everybody is different, but to me coffee has an amazing positive effect for 1 hour or so then I crash and the feeling is ugly, every single time is the same, therefore I don’t drink coffee anymore to me it is a high price to b paid for a short period feeling amazing

Damn. Well, at least it should be an easy thing to avoid in the future at least… I’d be awake for days with that much caffeine.

I think you’ll be able to recognize it now and know to stay away from caffeine, etc so that’s good for sure.