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Realistic TRT Recomp Progress


Yeah, I don’t think that would work well for me either. 2 meals/day definitely didn’t! This approach has been awesome.

Totally hear you. Uphill battle. Highly recommend checking out @JMaier31’s thread if you haven’t already. He’s gotten massive and lean at 6’4". https://forums.t-nation.com/t/jmaier31-tries-a-bro-split


Appreciate the shout out! @jpt365, you’re welcome to drop in and out of my log any time you want. It might be in the Training Log section but it’s definitely open to any topic. I’ll warn you now, it’s long! I have days like the past couple where there’s a lot of discussion and before you know it there are 50 new posts.

To help you skip a lot of old stuff, I bulked from Jan 1 - Oct 31st last year. I’ve been cutting since then with the exception of about a one month break during April because I was becoming too obsessive and driving my wife nuts.

I’ve officially been training like a bodybuilder for 14 weeks now, so you could start there if you’re curious about my training. I stopped logging my food but I track everything in My Fitness Pal so I have lots of data if you have any questions about my journey.


I’ll check it out man, thanks!

Lol I’ve been there, glad I’m not the only one!

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What’s your typical protein consumption - in excess of 200?


I’ve been eating 200-220g on average. I already drink a lot of my protein so I’ve never tried to push it past 1g/lb of bodyweight.

I’ve reset my goals at 250g protein and 200g carbs based on our discussion with Jack in here. I’m just curious how it’ll affect me but I haven’t hit my goal yet. I’ve kept carbs down but missed my protein goal.


How much of it do you drink? I usually have 1-2 shakes per day.


Breakfast has become a double protein shake and a banana most days. It’s not uncommon for me to have another shake later in the day.

Yesterday I had six scoops of protein powder before my disgusting dinner. I think I drink more protein shakes because I ran into some dirt cheap stuff and I’ve had a stockpile of it. It might change once that runs out.


Do you have a favorite brand? I’m preferential to True Nutrition (chocolate fudge brownie).

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Optimum Nutrition and Dymatize Elite is what I’ve been drinking lately.

Once that runs out I’m not sure what I’ll buy. I’ve also been drinking a lot of Iso Driven vegan protein. I got it for my wife but it’s not bad. I’ve done some research on the vegan stuff and the pea and rice blends are good in terms of getting a complete protein profile.


Fat is needed for the protein and vitamins to be absorbed into the body. Per Eric Serrano

I’ll have to listen again, but that is what I’ve heard mny times. Fats are needed for gut health. Jsut chomp those avacafoa down.


I know you are flexing, but you look way more jacked,muscular and vascular in the pic from 18 days ago vs the one from 3 days ago.


I just ordered another 6lbs of their Toasted Coconut. Three lbs LC and 3 lbs PWO.


I just skimmed through the last 30 days or so that I have been missing … I only saw labs that showed your SHBG down to 114. Did I miss more labs?

At 114, your free T% is not going to be where you wanted it. What have you decided about danazol at the current dose or increasing it?


Not me man.


Sorry … I can’t believe I tagged the wrong person.

My post was meant for you.


Definitely. That’s a result of having eaten before (I always take the mirror selfies first thing in the morning), having a pump, and flexing.


Nope, you haven’t missed any labs. My latest SHBG number is 114, but I have not been tested since adding Danazol. I’ll be having my next tests done around Memorial Day (Testosterone F/T, Estradiol, SHBG, Prolactin, DHT). My Free T% definitely isn’t optimal yet, at least it wasn’t at my last test, and I hope to see a significant improvement!

We’ll reevaluate Danazol after looking at these new numbers. I’m really interested to see what we discover. Everything has been good except for libido – still very much lagging.


Good stuff. I do love the coconut flavor; I get Toasted Coconut iced coffee all the time. Feel like it’s less versatile for a protein, though, whereas something like a basic chocolate/vanilla gives you a lot of flexibility.


After doing some reflection, I decided to weigh/measure myself — and update this log — with less frequency. I was getting obsessive about BF%, which doesn’t align with my overall priorities and was stopping me from actually enjoying myself during an incredible season of life. I’m 27 and have a ton of things in life going for me, which I need to appreciate. Just needed to refocus on the bigger picture, and that means being less obsessive about body composition.

Though I am still focused on improving — particularly for this 8-week challenge! — I’m doing so with a healthier perspective now, with greater focus on other priorities like my relationship, career, friendships, etc. If I don’t win, I don’t win, but I’ll have an amazing summer either way.

I’ll be doing check-ins once a week, at which point I’ll weigh/measure myself, take a progress photo, and update this post.

In sum, though I wasn’t weighing/measuring myself, the past week was very strong! My nutrition was extremely dialed; right around 1850-1900 calories and 190-200g of protein each day. In terms of numerical changes, here’s where I am as of this morning:

Day 1/Today (Day 12)
Weight: 174.8/173.8
Waist: 30.1/29.5
BF: 12.0/11.5
Muscle Mass: 146.4/146.2
*These numbers are imperfect and come from a cheap scale, so take them for what they’re worth.

I’m also posting my weekly photo (relaxed, unfed) from this morning. The sun/blinds made for some weird lighting. Don’t worry: my skin isn’t being bleached because of the reduction in dietary fat :slight_smile:

I’m super happy with progress, man. I’ve been learning to enjoy the journey more, but the results are still coming along. I know I’m getting leaner; the veins on my abs are becoming more pronounced by the day. At the same time, I am not losing muscle.

As I noted in my reply to @traveling-man, I will have new bloodwork conducted around Memorial Day. Excited to see where I am, after switching to injections and adding Danazol. Everything has been solid with the exception of libido – not where I want it to be.

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I think you have mentioned it before but I forgot, how tall are you?