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Realistic TRT Recomp Progress

Fat is needed for the protein and vitamins to be absorbed into the body. Per Eric Serrano

I’ll have to listen again, but that is what I’ve heard mny times. Fats are needed for gut health. Jsut chomp those avacafoa down.

I know you are flexing, but you look way more jacked,muscular and vascular in the pic from 18 days ago vs the one from 3 days ago.

I just ordered another 6lbs of their Toasted Coconut. Three lbs LC and 3 lbs PWO.

I just skimmed through the last 30 days or so that I have been missing … I only saw labs that showed your SHBG down to 114. Did I miss more labs?

At 114, your free T% is not going to be where you wanted it. What have you decided about danazol at the current dose or increasing it?

Not me man.

Sorry … I can’t believe I tagged the wrong person.

My post was meant for you.

Definitely. That’s a result of having eaten before (I always take the mirror selfies first thing in the morning), having a pump, and flexing.

Nope, you haven’t missed any labs. My latest SHBG number is 114, but I have not been tested since adding Danazol. I’ll be having my next tests done around Memorial Day (Testosterone F/T, Estradiol, SHBG, Prolactin, DHT). My Free T% definitely isn’t optimal yet, at least it wasn’t at my last test, and I hope to see a significant improvement!

We’ll reevaluate Danazol after looking at these new numbers. I’m really interested to see what we discover. Everything has been good except for libido – still very much lagging.

Good stuff. I do love the coconut flavor; I get Toasted Coconut iced coffee all the time. Feel like it’s less versatile for a protein, though, whereas something like a basic chocolate/vanilla gives you a lot of flexibility.

After doing some reflection, I decided to weigh/measure myself — and update this log — with less frequency. I was getting obsessive about BF%, which doesn’t align with my overall priorities and was stopping me from actually enjoying myself during an incredible season of life. I’m 27 and have a ton of things in life going for me, which I need to appreciate. Just needed to refocus on the bigger picture, and that means being less obsessive about body composition.

Though I am still focused on improving — particularly for this 8-week challenge! — I’m doing so with a healthier perspective now, with greater focus on other priorities like my relationship, career, friendships, etc. If I don’t win, I don’t win, but I’ll have an amazing summer either way.

I’ll be doing check-ins once a week, at which point I’ll weigh/measure myself, take a progress photo, and update this post.

In sum, though I wasn’t weighing/measuring myself, the past week was very strong! My nutrition was extremely dialed; right around 1850-1900 calories and 190-200g of protein each day. In terms of numerical changes, here’s where I am as of this morning:

Day 1/Today (Day 12)
Weight: 174.8/173.8
Waist: 30.1/29.5
BF: 12.0/11.5
Muscle Mass: 146.4/146.2
*These numbers are imperfect and come from a cheap scale, so take them for what they’re worth.

I’m also posting my weekly photo (relaxed, unfed) from this morning. The sun/blinds made for some weird lighting. Don’t worry: my skin isn’t being bleached because of the reduction in dietary fat :slight_smile:

I’m super happy with progress, man. I’ve been learning to enjoy the journey more, but the results are still coming along. I know I’m getting leaner; the veins on my abs are becoming more pronounced by the day. At the same time, I am not losing muscle.

As I noted in my reply to @traveling-man, I will have new bloodwork conducted around Memorial Day. Excited to see where I am, after switching to injections and adding Danazol. Everything has been solid with the exception of libido – not where I want it to be.

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I think you have mentioned it before but I forgot, how tall are you?


Damn! That is what i was thinking. Im the same height. I must have dysmorphia because when i got myself down to 193, no where near as cut as you, I felt tiny. By no means do you look small to me at 174. Good work brother!

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Thanks, man. I appreciate the kind words. There may be a few things going on:

  1. You may have dysmorphia. There’s a lot of that around here. It’s hard to avoid in fitness circles!
  2. A lot of guys – myself included – look bigger when we cut down. For example, when I was 193, I didn’t look nearly as jacked as I do at 174. Getting lean makes the veins come out and muscles pop. People comment way more on my size now than they did even when I was 215. I imagine you’d find the same.
  3. I worked hard on my abs for years, so I think I have a pretty well-developed core. That definitely makes you look bigger with a shirt off.
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Haha, I just looked at my pic over on bodybuilding com when I was that low and I don’t appear too small. I just remember feeling that way. I cut down to there in about 3 months from 235 so I was a lot smaller of person in that regard.

There are 8 weeks in total in this challenge, so 1 week from today, I’ll be at the halfway point! Man, it’s flying by. Here’s a flexed physique update from yesterday:

Everything has been significantly better, from a psychological perspective, since I stopped weighing/measuring myself every morning. That was a recipe for body dysmorphia. I’ve been enjoying life more and still feel I’m making very solid advances! I’m not shredding, per se (and certainly won’t hit the 8% BF goal I outlined at the jump), but I feel I’m gradually losing fat while simultaneously maintaining/slightly gaining muscle.

The biggest health issue I’m running into right now (in addition to the ongoing libido saga, which is a topic for another day) is sleep. Mine has been really bad since I switched to injections. I routinely wake up at 2-3 a.m. unable to fall back asleep. Surprisingly, my energy during the day has been great — in fact, I’ve been crushing it at work, and the extra hours awake have led to me producing significant output. I just go into flow state for like 3-4 hours before my wife wakes up and get crazy amounts done. That said, running on 3-4 hours of sleep a night is far from ideal in the long term, and I really want to get this right. Before injections, I was consistently getting 8 hours a night.

The sleep issues must be a result of the T; I was not having problems before HOT, or even on the T cream. I used to be a great sleeper. Maybe I now have too much T flowing through my system, given the injections and addition of Danazol? I’m having bloodwork completed on Tuesday, so I should have some numbers to help explain this within the next 7-10 days. I added variables to that test — here’s what I’ll have measured:

T (free + total)
Estradiol sensitive (ultra)
Free T3 and free T4
Reverse T3
Cortisol (saliva)

Super curious to see what the tests will say. I’m guessing SHBG has gone down (because of the Danazol). Hopefully the free T % will be creeping up closer to 2%. At last check, I was at 1.15%. Ideally, I’ll get up as high as 3% eventually. But that may be a pipe dream because my total T is already so high. We’ll see!

TL;DR: making gradual recomp progress, T is jacking up my sleep, bloodwork to come soon

I think 8% is really hard to maintain. You look about ten or so, a good percentage that you can maintain. Adding mass would be good for you, slow and steady.

Try taking Tryptophan and melatonin. I have the same issues.

Agreed – that’s a really tough benchmark. You can do it, but it will impede other parts of your life. What you noted is exactly what I’m planning to do. Slow and steady!

I have been taking melatonin + theanine sleep gummies, but I’m wary of becoming over-reliant on them, and they haven’t really been helping, so I wasn’t sure if I’d keep buying them. What dose have you found optimal for you for tryptophan + melatonin?

I take 500 mg of Tryptophan a half hour before bed, and 5 mg of melatonin. I know I can go up on the melatonin, but I also take a xanax on some nights.

I believe tryptophan converts to melatonin, so it’s kind of a double whammy.

Less DHT, more estrogen, less free t probably and less consistency in dose in the system since you are on injections.

Libido on cream is king. Cannot expect injections to do the same.

It could also be the dieting. Because a low carb diet has been known to mess with libido and etc.

Now sure how your diet is but that is a big one.