Realistic Targets For This Year?

How much is realistic to hope to add to the major lifts this calendar year, roughly? I know it depends on a lot of things, but my current lifts are below. I’m 23, with about 4 months of lifting behind me. 78kg and 13% BF.

Mil Press: 22.5 + bar x 12
Bench: 26kg DBs each side x 12
Squat: 52.5kg + bar x 12
DL: 95 kg + bar x 12

It’s that time of year for setting targets, so I just want to make sure I go for something achievable and don’t end up letting myself down!

Everything is possible, you can definately hit those numbers. Don’t even bother wasting time thinkin about if your gonna hit it or not. Train hard, eat a lot and don’t fuck around and short change yourself with the food or your training. If you really want that, you will be able to do it.

Let someone hold your head in water. Let them hold it until you can’t breathe and are gasping for air. HOW BAD do you want to breathe, how bad do you want air and want to be let up?

When you want to achieve things in life as bad as you want that air, nothing will stop you because you will take every measure possible to make it happen.

rasturai brings up a good point

in general, most of us are too complacent when it comes to going after what we really want, especially with something that demands so much, for such a long hull

that being said, i think this is a cool topic idea and rather fitting the time of year (i hate “new years resolutions” mind you), just because it gives us a good measureable frame of reference

for myself, i want to get my right shoulder fully functional (been battling for 6 years, but progress is speeding up like a bellcurve, very exciting time for me haha)

i’ve been holding 205 lbs bodyweight after coming off creatine and through a cold and holiday season (aka i own this weight, where as normally i’m fighting to maintain) and have set my sights on 220 as my next major milestone

some current maxes are

back squat - 365 for 1

front squat - 285 for 4

deadlift - 405 for 6

i would like to be able to rep 3 plates on front squats a few times, deadlift 5 plates, and squat 4 plates by summer time atleast, and will review again along the way i’m sure

not sure what to hope for for upperbody…we’ll see what happens with the shoulder

also would like to snatch 2plates, clean and jerk 3 plates, and overhead squat 2 plates by end of year, but we’ll see about that fun stuff

im with brian.m! lol except i like new years resolutions! haha
I think if you write down your goals Paulinho, write them down 3 times a day. Read them 6 times a day. Just obsess over it and it’s a unique energy that comes, and you feel laser like focused on the objective!
i know that this is the year for me, supreme time…fuckin no holdin back on anything!

Haha yep writing them down is good.

I have a notebook where I write mine. I read them alot, and I rip the page out and rewrite it every so often too hah.

I find I tend to write really high goals, that I will get close to, but never reach within the set time.

In my opinion, one of the things to consider is what you will do to achieve the goal. A weight to reach in a lift may or may not be achieved due to a number of circumstances, incorrect programming, minor injury, the weight being incorrecly calculated, etc.

In addition to selecting a target to achieve, I would also write down what I plan to do to achieve the target, i.e., lift 4 times per week, eat right, sleep right, etc. You control this, and this will make reaching your target more attainable.

I put 30kg/66lb on my 5rm squat in the last year (to the day) and probably had another 10kg/22lb left in me.

If I can get even close to that again next year I’ll be beyond happy.

chi-town is right also. You have to write down and assess what your going to do to achieve those goals.
Great job Hanley! you’ve come a long way!