Realistic Goals???

i plan on doing an 8 week cutting cycle…and was planning on seeing what i can accomplish…id love to cut down from 17% bf to 12% bf in this time period im just wondering how realistic this goal of mine is. i plan on doing 8 weeks of t-dawg 2.0 following the diet to the T.weight training i plan on doing 2 4wk cycles of OVT. cardio will be one BJJ class a wk. and 2 sprinting sessions. my supps for weeks 1-2 will just be whey, and a good multi…then from 3-8 whey, multi, and HOT-ROX. just tell me if my goals can be achieved…im 6’1 190…trying to get as lean as possible to go on a bulk and add some quality muscle

Hey dizzle, that goal is very possible as long as you stick with your plan. keep doing that cardio and the dieting and you should be able to accomplish that no problem. also stick with the bjj thats some good stuff bro. good luck


I pretty much just did that - ~15% down to ~9%. It took me about 11 weeks. My routine was 5x5s 3-days per week and running 2.5-3 miles (~24-30 minutes) 3 times a week on the days I didn’t lift. I started out doing HIIT but found that running (constant speed) worked out better for me. Diet was clean and consistant, weighted heavily toward Protein. Supplemented with Tribex, M & Hot-Rox. I lost a little bit in my bench, but both deadlift and squat are up slightly over the 11 weeks.

Go for consistancy on diet and tweak the Kcals until you get where you need to be.

Best of luck,