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Realistic Goals for 2012


What are peoples comments on the below goals I have set for myself in 2012.

Bench - 120kg to 140kg
Deadlift - 180kg to 220kg
Front Squat - 110kg to 140kg
Back Squat - 140kg to 180kg
Standing Military Press - 70kg to 90kg

I'm not certain if certain ones are disproportional to others and how realistic they are.

Comments from others are appreciated. I figured a point of view from an outside perspective would be heplful. Not sure if I'm setting the bar too high, or perhaps low.

Relevent information:
Height: 5'11
Age: 20
Years training: 2 (seriously, 3 in total)
Bw: 190

I plan on gaining weight and not cutting at any point during the year.



I find it more helpful to set goals in terms of actions required to attain an end result...so if you think these are your numbers you would be happy with, start to think how you will get there and make those your actual goals.

Something like: 4 weight training days/week with emphasis on each of the Big 4 lifts. Training blocks for strength, conditioning, bulking, etc. 5 meals a day consisisting of X amount of cals/protein/fat/carbs...tihngs like that

Set actions, not goals, and hold yourself to them. Berardi's 90% rule works well...

Good luck


Could you expand on what Berardi's 90% rule is?


Action rules have been useful to me before so I see where your coming from - always good to reinforce that notion,

Thanks for the post.


Below is a link to the website I found. It explains it well.



Yes that link is good...its basically that there is little difference between doing things 90% of the time and 100% of the time, especially for the average human who just wants to get stronger and isn't competing at a super elite level...this goes for training, diet, anythin gin life...

As long as you are performing 90% of your planned actions, you will be good


I could be mistake (others please correct me if I'm wrong) but the 90% rule is eating clean 90% of the time while the other meals you can slack.....I think, take it with a grain of salt. So of your 42 meals a week 37 must be clean...


It appears that is exactly it.

If you know you have 5 meals a week to relax, pressure is lower, and the whole stigma of being on a diet/nutrition plan seems all that more manageable.


Bench - 265 -> 350lbs
Deadlift - 425 -> 550lbs
Back Squat - 315 -> 500lbs
Over Head Press - 190 -> 225lbs
Indoor Sport climb 5.11
Outdoor lead 5.10

Relevent information:
Height: 5'11
Age: 24
Years training: 2
Bw: 208
Goal BW: 225


Be better. Get Stronger. Wreck Shit. Thats about it as far as my goals.


did you give your goals in Kg and your weight in lbs?

jfc ppl




Pretty much.


Your goals are very similar to mine, except I want to end on your BW, as im at 78ish kg now and due to work requirements (yes, really) cant get much over 85kg if at all. (172 lb to 187 lb)




In 2012 I'd like to:

Put enough muscle on my frame to be competitive in the 148's instead of always having to cut to 132

Squat: 325 -> 405

Bench: 205 -> 255

Deadlift 425 -> 500

I've lifted for about 7 years for various sports but I've only been lifting for powerlifting for just over a year. Considering the progress I made last year and the weight I'm looking to put on I feel that these are realistic goals


Squat 175kg-190kg
bench 125kg-140kg
DL 190kg-230kg

Height 5'11
target weight 209/95kg


bodyweight 250ish
Benchpress 500lbs
Squat 600lbs
Deadlift 600lbs
OHP 300lbs

i got a very easy year ahead of me.


During my sophomoric year lifting I will go from:
Squat 365 to 425
Bench 215 to 275
Dead 425 to 495

Bodyweight: from 205 @ 12%BF
to 198 @ 9%BF : )

Sprint-Kill-Eat, then wreck shit !