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Realistic expectations

If I use 6 MAG-10 per day for 2 weeks and cycle with Tirbex & M for the next 2 weeks and do this 2 more times for a 12 week total, AND follow the Massive Eating article and Phase 1, 2 & 3 workout routine PLUS take the other recommended supplements what type of gains in lean muscle can I expect to see in 12 weeks? 20 pounds lean muscle?

What has been your own or friends experience?

Would it be better to take 12 MAG-10 instead of 6?


Do a search man. This has been beaten to death. There are hundreds of Mag-10 success stories that people have posted. Do a search in the search form to your left and search in the “forums” not “T-mag”.

Training age and experience has a lot to do with it. A newbie is always going to gain more than an experienced lifter with years of training under his belt, assuming he’s eating right and training hard. Regardless, it’s a good plan so just do it and find out for yourself.

PGA is right. This has been beaten to death in the forum.

Mag 10 works. I added 14 pounds lbm on one cycle in December-single dose.

Make sure your diet is dialed in, so you don’t add too much fat.