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Realistic expectations

I raised this mid thread on the DP and want the view of others.
Is it realistic to expect an outstanding physique without supplementation?
We all agree that food should be the basis of a good diet, it can have an anabolic effect and supplements only help or speed things up. I do not count EFA’s or Protein powder as I classify those as food, rather I am talking about androgens, creatine, ephedra etc.

I will use bf% as a guide, I know it isn’t/shouldn’t be the be all and end all but is a good indicator.
Good = 11-14
Very good = 8-10
Outstanding = < 8.

IMHO, I think a very good physique is achievable but you need to be extra super careful on food combos, timing and total caloric intake. To obtain an outstanding one is beyond the reach of most without some ‘help’. Opinions?

Yes, it is definitely realistic. Effective training and lifestyle implementations combined with optimal nutrient timing can take the place of almost any supplement.

Sure it is! Check out pics of Sandow, Saxon etc. Or the bb’ers of the 40’s and 50’s. Sure, you’ll have to be more careful, but it certainly is possible.

well considering the guys a long time ago didnt have any worthwhile supplementation, then i would say yes.

A. yes. 4 years ago I was less than 7% on soy protein , no vegetables no fruits, horrible diet. oh, and I did cardio 7 days a week.

I knew how to hit the weights though. I guess with enough stimuluss you will change yourself no matter what you eat.
I was 7% 180 lb.
I just couldnt keep that level, i was overtrained and malnutritioned.
I did use caffeine.

I think that
knowing what I know today about nutrition/ training I would deffinetly have stayed there then.

It’s certainly possible to be under 8% without using supplements. You simply have less room for error with diet and cardio.