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Realistic bodyfat % lose

I have read several post asking how much “weight” loss a person can expect over a certain period of time. I am not concerned about the weight measurement but more my body fat %, My question now is, with a low carb, clean diet and high intensity program plus a ECA stack can the “average” amount of body fat to be lost in a month???

It all depends on how much you have to lose. Severely clinically obese patients can lose 4-5 pounds a week. For those who aren’t morbidly obese, I would think that three would be the maximum amount possible, and that DOES NOT take into account that a considerable amount of LBM would also be lost with such a drastic caloric deficit (although androgens would help prevent such an LBM loss). As such, for most individuals 1-2 lbs. per week of fat loss is the typical best case scenario.

Can’t be answered.

A person who is 200 lbs at 5% body fat has 10 lbs of fat lose. To move to 4%, he has to drop just slightly over 2 lbs.

A person who is 200 lbs at 10% body fat has 20 lbs of fat. To lose just 1% body fat, he has to lose about 2.2 lbs or so if he retains all his LBM.

Another 200 lb person, who is at 20% body fat has 40 lbs of fat. To lose just 1% body fat, has has to lose about 2.6 lbs.

The fatter you are, the more you have to lose actually change your bf%.

Hey Jason, I see what you are getting at, I am currenty 5 11" and 190 lbs, I currently measure 15% bf, I have never done a “cuting cycle” since about 5 years of training( at start weighed 165). I would like to see 10-12% but if I notice to much loss in muscle mass I will begin to bulk again. I have 2 bottles of Mag-10 and want to be at my goal before starting…Thanks for your imput