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Realistic Bench Press Goal in 6 Weeks?

I’m new here so I hope I don’t get flamed too badly. I know a lot of variables will go into meeting this goal, but I was hoping to hear from some seasoned lifters if it’s possible.
My goal is to Bench Press 330 - 335lbs in the next 6 weeks. But first, where I’m at now.

I’m 40 and have been lifting for quite some time. I’m 5’7" 1/2 and my weight is a little high right now, I weight approx 193lbs. I had serious health complications back in Sept/ Oct and had never been the same in the gym, and the time off the gym did not help my physique.

My personal best before getting sick was 320lbs x 4 reps. I’m slowly getting back. I hit 305lbs for 4 with a good spot last week. This week I hit 315lbs for 1. I haven’t begun to dial in yet, been getting my feet wet. Health seems to finally be where it needs to be. Is it realistic that I hit a 1MR of 330 - 335lbs within the next 6 weeks? This would be a personal best, and I have kind of picked this as a personal goal to work towards. Obviously nutrition, proper training, rest etc all play apart. Am I being too ambitious?
After I hit my goal, and while I work towards it, I plan on hopefully slowly dropping some body fat %, then once if I hit my goal, dropping a good amount of weight. It’s been a slow road back, any honest opinions or tips would be appreciated.

If your talking a 1 Rm for 330-335 in 6 weeks… that should be no problem.
Considering you have already hit 305 x 4 and was doing 320 x 4 before your illness.

Thank you. I appreciate your input. It’s been a battle back psychologically, and I wanted to make sure I was being realistic with my goal. I appreciate the input.