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Realistic 6 Month Goals

I’m coming off an injury where I had to have surgery on my shoulder. Its been 4.5 months since. When I injured my shoulder I was 185 lbs of solid, today I weigh 168. When I was lifting before I didn’t know as much info as I know now and it affected my gains, I know it did.

My question is, if I do everything right this time. Drink my Grow!, take my pwo shake, pop my fish oils, take my multi V, train properly, and eat more food than my body can handle. How much weight can I expect to gain in 6 months. What would be a realistic goal to set for myself?

I plan to go slow for the first few months, then seeing how it goes I’ll look at some creatine for a couple of months, then maybe a Carbolin 19 TRIBEX stack the last two.

I just want to be realistic and set a decent goal. I’ve heard regrowth comes back faster but I’ve never been through an injury before so I myself can’t say. I’d love to say I could be pushing 190-200 lbs but I don’t know. Any help from the gurus will be much appreciated

IMO you should be able to gain 20 lean pounds if you don’t have a huge amount of spare time. With dedication and the willingness to put on a little fat, I think 30 lbs is at least within reach. Wether this is realistic or not depends on your age, which you didn’t state.

I’m 24 with lots of time for dedication.
That’s good, 20-30 lbs would be very nice. Gaining 5 lbs per month would be off the hook.

You’ll get back to your old weight very quickly, the same thing happened to me when I crashed my bike and ended up in hospital.

After that, do everything right and you’ll make the best progress that you can make. Train hard buddy, and don’t reinjure that shoulder! For me that would involve avoiding bench press and doing lots of rotator and back work.