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Real World Workouts


With all this talk of working out in prison and being in SWAT etc how about a thread that describes the workouts of guys/girls in law enforcement, military, SWAT, SAS, prison guards, SEALS, whatever. Workouts that have the potential to save your life if need be. And not just in the gym what do you guys do outside the gym?


You would be surprised. The military is all about peaks and valleys. you can get in great shape for about one maybe two months before you deploy or go into the field and lose everything due to lack of sleep, nutrition, and walking with a 60 plus pound green tick on your back for klick after klick.

in sf it is even worse. my team sergeant feels a green beret who is huge is not doing enough shooting. hence our team shoots constantly but almost never does pt. you have do it on your own. one of our guys comes into work at 4 AM so he can workout before we go to the range. i prefer working out at night in my backyard. even though i have been freezing my ass off lately.

the one thing we do and i have to give the team sergeant credit for is we are very capable of doing the things necessary to do our job. i challenge anyone who is not used to it to shoot a case of ammo with a kitted out rifle in body armor and still be effectively knotholing at the end of the day like they were in the beginning of the day. shooting with body armor on, shooting and moving, shooting around vehicles and other obstacles etc etc. now if you asked me if our team could go run ten miles and be effective after words id say maybe half of the 12 of us. if you asked if we could walk all day and then get into a fire fight, or stay up for 2-3 days plan and execute a mission killing the bad dudes, and making it out alive, i would say most definately.

in the military you have to pick and choose what you can do. i prefer doing things along the coach davies renegade style stuff. o lifts and core workouts with some long runs and sprints workouts thrown in. unfortunately being huge and a dedicated lifter generally does not correlate to a dedicated soldier who is capable of doing all the other things necessary to accomplish the mission. i have met only a couple guys in the 8 years ive been doing it who were capable of doing both.


Looking back on it i think i missed the question. sorry for that other long post. we shoot alot.


You'd have to Google the SAS one, doubt many SAS guys come here. But the life saving potential of physical training in regiments like the British Paras comes from working in a team doing stuff like running with heavy logs. This helps people support others which can save your ass in battle. The usual PT is used too. Interestingly the Royal Marines tend to do more weights, probably because they spend more time on ships and train during free time on weights.

Some of the training used by certain British Army regiments could be compared to dinosaur training in parts. Probably why we have the hardest army (for size) in the world.


I'm heading into the fuzz this year so I've started training a little diffrent. Today I did a circuit that consisted 100m run @ 75% then 20 push ups, 2 hill runs of 40m at 75 degree angle, jog 50m then 20 sit ups, jog 100m then 10 chin ups, 150m shuttle then 10 chin ups, 150m jog. 6 lots of this all up. Took about 1 hour in total. Felt pretty tired afterwards.