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REAL World Strength vs. Pretty Boy Bodybuilding

this is zach even-esh, as you all know…


groundbreaking stuff there… ehhhhhhh.

“I don?t care how many drugs a guy takes to look jacked, he ain?t shit once it?s ‘Go Time’.”

sounds like something a “tough guy” would say at a club.


ummm, seriously, I think 1 thread per topic will be suffice.

K, thx, bye

I think you’re training should revolve around you’re goals. I don’t buy into real world or functional strength type arguments. Strength is strength. I look at a sport like football and I see that everything is done while running…so much of you’re training should revolve around running. I remember about 15 years ago a guy named Gant was running Georgia Techs strength and conditioning for football and his approach to weightlifting for football was if the lift took place prone or sitting, it wasn’t part of the program. Buddy Morris at Pitt had football players banging on tires with sledge hammers long before everyone saw Fedor do it…I think much of it is finding ways of training that focus’s on conditioning that the athletes like enough to become competitive about.

remind me to never pay attention to this goon again.

this guy is kinda a tool for coming off like that.
squats, bench press, deads etc. all those will give great strength…and lots of BBer’s do them who are “pretty boys” It will make your tire flip stronger having a solid base of strength with deadlift, squat etc.
i like farmers walks too, but i do enough grip/deads/trap exercises.
sandbags never bothered with them…all those things to me are good for conditioning.

I think no matter how much we bench, some of us will never be considered pretty boys. :frowning:

goin off on GDI Inc. post
like i said before all that shit is meant for conditioning, with the sledgehammers and all that, it’s a good tool to get in shape, get some grip strength etc… if you wanna get good at football…like you said since a lot is running. get faster, practice running, be agile, incraese #'s in the weightroom for increased strength and know the god damn game and your set. lol

What a fucking moron.

Grabbing ANVILS? LMAO! Quality entertainment right there!


Being a better wrestler generally comes from wrestling more…not from lifting, regardless as to whether you’re doing doing cable crossovers or sumo deadlifts.

If the guy went 1-2 on varsity, it sounds to me like he needs to go to a wrestling camp and compete in some freestyle competitions not flip tires or do 5x5 squats.

Meh…At least Dutch didn’t post this in the Bodybuilding forum.

The pretty boys get more pussy than him and he knows the kid ain’t his. It’s a vendetta.