Real-world strength carryover

I train purely for functional strength for wrestling. Am I wasting my time working out on a universal machine and replacing squats with leg presses? I only do this because this is the only equipment I have available right now.

FootSoldier, you must have been away from the forum for a while. Do a search on Coach Davies and another on Kato and read everything they have posted over the past few weeks. This kind of training sounds right up your alley.

You are definitely wasting your time. You should be using free weights, olympic lifts and the big basic lifts if you want real world strength. You don’t need to balance the weight when you are using machines. In the real world every time you lift something you have to balance it, even more so in wrestling.

It may not be a total waste of time since you also probably do a lot of wrestling…but you could definitely get more bang for the buck doing other exercises.

When I train particularly for function, as in a sport, I make use of multi-jointed exercises such as deadlifts and exercises where stress is put not only on a single muscle group but also the surrounding groups ie;squat using quads, hamstrings and glutes. I also use free weight as opposed to machines as they more effectively use stabilizing muscles while performing the movement. Are you wasting time with the leg press, that depends on whether your sport requires a leg pressing motion like the one provided by the machine…I would try to use exercises that most readily transfer over to your sport, ones that most readily simulate your muscle action when you are engaged in your sport.

I think sled pulling would be the best for wrestling functional strength apart from actually wrestling. Remember though, you best work the muscles you need for wrestling by wrestling.

u really should try and join a gym. squats are phenomenal for increasing lower body strength while leg presses pretty much do nothing. and u should really be using free weights and not a machine if u want real results

maybe not a total waste, but definately not ideal. If you are at a house, that person doesnt have a plain Ol bar and weigths? you could do overhead squats, cleans, snatches…

Yeah, I feel ya bro. I can’t afford a gym membership so I train in my basement and I don’t have a squat rack. So I am currently using a makeshift rack constructed out of waffle blocks (surprisingly sturdy) and duct tape. But if your not into the whole make your own shit scene, you could replace squats with sprints, leg presses, extensions, maybe some power cleans, be careful tho cause those work upper back as well and are a great exercize for explosive power. Actually, you can use this tradgedy to do a whole bunch of weird leg movements that your body will go “What the fuck is this shit?” to and then grow.

To go with the Dawg on the Porch, there are a variety of other leg movements you can do. If you have a barbell, trying doing cleans and go into a full front squat. Or do some farmer’s walks or wheelbarrow walks. Overhead squats don’t require much weight and will give you an incredible workout. Snatches combined with overhead squats are effective. Or you could get yourself a kettlebell and follow some of Coach Davies programs. So don’t let that leg press hold you back! You can do plenty of other functional training for those legs of yours.

jimmy, at high levels anyway, you can’t “play yourself into shape.” Shotputters do a hell of a lot more than shot putting (read OLing) and sprinters do a lot more… and the list goes on for every single high level athletic sport.

well its better than notheing, you would probably do a better job if you just moved the universal around the room for 30min. (hey, it may help you wrestling :wink: look in the classifides I’m sure you can find an olympic set pretty cheap and if you can not get a squat rack do deadlifts(they should transfer over to wrestling better than squats anyway) as always peace

what style of wrestling, greco, free or folkstyle. As im not all that familiar with folkstyle i’d make some suggestions:
a. if you are competitive, try to work out a yearly outline of your competitions and work specificallly for them.
b. how’s your body composition? i know many may disagree, but if try to take in minimal fat and maximal muscle within your weight class, so you may have to organise your training for this.
c. a good approach that i can suggest with out going into too much detail (don’t know your specific details) is to have four sessions, consisiting of two different workouts.

2 sessions are dedicated to power and strength, ie the good old, total body lifts
such as squats, dlifts, cleans snatches etc, to develoope strength and most importantly shooting speed and power (watch brandon slay 76 kg beating 5 time world champion saitiev in the 2000 olympics.)
2 other workouts would consist of circuit work emphasising in particular upper body endurance for pummlinmg and hand fighting. thickened grips and towel grips are essential. Try to use the best form you can and go as hard as you can. even include some non-weighted sections in the routine such as the Davies GPP stuff for 30 second or more.
Also include tons of interval stuff as they are ideal for wrestling.
Stretching and core strength are mega vital for participation in the greatest sport of them all.

However: i highly recommend that before anything else, you have a postural assesment and work at reducing muscle imbalances and inadequacies as further heavy training will only serve to emphasise these and lead to injury. Functional flexibility is vital and serious thought must be given to specific stretching only sessions.

SORRY ONE MORE THING. If you don’t have access to olympic bars, you can do all the the good stuff with dumbells. also chinning/rope climbing are great.
Now go out and make eat some mat!

SORRY ONE MORE THING. If you don’t have access to olympic bars, you can do all the the good stuff with dumbells. also chinning/rope climbing are great.
Now go out and make them eat some mat!

Functional work would definately be more beneficial to your wrestling. I understand your gym situation - do you have access to things you can use for non-conforming object lifts. I have mentioned a few of the movements in the forum but if you can use just about anyting for this area. I am pleased to offer my help as much as you need it. In faith, Coach Davies