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Real World Cancun


is anyone else watching this but me?

probably one of the most unintentionally hilarious shows around right now.


Nah. I watched most of Real World Brooklyn though. Interesting show with the Army guy and the Transgendered on the cast.


that show seemed more a lot more serious given the type of cast they had. i think that MTV always does like a summer/fall season with the summer being about debauchery and alcohol with the fall season having slightly less debauchery and alcohol


I hate that stupid bitch Aiiya, I just want to slap the fuck out of her.

That emo looking dude is hilarious, he cracks me up fucking with her so much.


can't watch the show anymore now that I'm too old to be on it


I watched a few seasons regularly (I think RW Austin and Sydney). To be honest, I really only watched it for the hot girls. Everything else sucks.


That blond girl in the sydney one (she was from texas I think?) WAS SOOOO HOT!


The only season of Real World I ever made sure that I saw every episode was the one with Joey, he was a bad ass haha


I watch Real Life Belisce mostly everyday.


from Real World Hollywood? that dude was swole (no homo) but he was mad emotional.

the Joey from this season though is a damn riot. he must wake up and think, hey what can i do to fuck with people today?

that chick Jonay is a slutbag too

her boyfriend flies back in the morning and the very same day she's in a jacuzzi with some guy. so far she hasn't done anything but like Brony said, if it was my girlfriend doing that id be pissed.




Ohh..no. She was from Cali...and yes,she was hot. The brunette,attention-whore was from TX.


I haven't seen any episodes for probably 5-6 years, but I remember San Diego being my favorite, hands-down.

Remember that chick who got panic attacks from big boats? WTF? I think she had a man-name, but I can't be sure.


Geez, I'm a dinosaur as the only ones I watched and remember was the original in NYC and then the one in LA with John the country singer who sang "True story" in the intro song. He had unrequited love for the Sheriffs deputy gal.



I think the Real World in Vegas was pure debauchery, and I haven't seen one yet that has compared. I caught one episode of the Cancun version, that chick who cuts herself is unreal. She is borderline certifiable.


cant believe no one else watches this but me.

where the fuck is Sick Abz when you need him?


Look behind you....




I've been watching it, for the most part its been way better than the last Real World, which was absolutely horrible.

I will agree with Joey being my fav, If I was to be on the Real World thats how I'd be, try to piss everyone off and try to hook up with as many chicks as possible.
All the guys seem pretty cool, but I will say the Pretty boy does make me kind of mad because he has no game but assumes everyone wants him and his hot bod.

The girls are all the same execpt the black girl, she is pretty cool, the cutter and the other half lesbo bitch are both the same, catty, holier than thou, attention whores that never do anything wrong.

I also love how all of the girls hate on Joey for just partying the whole time, since when was the Real world about finding your true self?

Also I think Joey from the Hollywod season was one of the best. "Oh, yeah brother"


CJ is like this kid i work with. girls fucking fall at the sight of him, he gets mad numbers, they send him naked pics, dirty texts...but he never goes past first base. he says some shit like 'back in high school i used to rail every fuckin slut' but idk if thats true bruh, why would u wanna ever stop?

i think Joanay is funny how she thinks her boyfriend is overly insecure yet she can't be without a guy for more than an hour, seriously. plus like, dude i wouldnt trust any girl A) on the real world B) in fucking cancun during spring break let alone the combination of the two. plus on the preview for the next one its saying that she's trying to hook up with that dork Pat who Jasmine is all gaga for.

i want to see Brauny hook up for once...with someone besides Sharon Osbourne haha so filthy