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Real Victims of Katrina, Part II


Estimates are that the fraud is now around 2 billion dollars...2 thousand million dollars! Unbelievable!!

When will we ever learn that government is NOT the answer to our problems? Unless private interests want to go in and rebuild the devastated areas, they should simply be abandoned and allowed to rot into the ground.

Aren't you all thrilled that you got to 'contribute' to this boondoggle? Not only are you forced to contribute, but the money simply lines the pockets of criminals and vultures. When I pointed this out in Part I, I was villified. I wonder if the same people (like Harris) will now come on here and point out again how evil and greedy I am. LMAO!



The Real Victim of Headhunter: Common sense.


Irish: you aren't at all disgusted by the misuse of federal money by some of these people?

HH: your original argument was not that the money would be misappropriated or used fraudulently. It was that we should not be paying for such relief in any form, even to legitimate victims of the disaster.


Government and charitable fraud are not new. They are the unfortunate side effect of having government and charity.

The real victims are the people of the Gulf Coast. I would not trade positions with them.


I am, but there is no getting around that. Although HH thinks that private companies can do no wrong, and would never take advantatage of anybody

Right. His original was a moral argument based on him being...well, greedy and not wanting to have the government contribute anything.

Thankfully, few people think like him.

I'm sure if Ayn Rand had lived on the Gulf Coast, she'd have rebuilt her house with her own two hands in three days and not asked for help from anybody....


The Real Victim of Headhunter: all of us.



Why focus only on Katrina Victims?


Yes. I made the argument that robbing one person to benefit another, no matter how deserving or 'legitimate', is immoral. The results of this immoral theft are now spread across the various news sources. Immorality breeds yet more immorality.

Funny how some other posters made the same lame attempted insult. Are you guys like the Dems, where you have to get your lines and talking-points from headquarters?

The worship of Need is one of the greatest evils ever perpetrated on humanity. The worship of 'lack' over 'achievement' is simply a death-worship, plain and simple.



Ummm...because its being hyped in the media constantly? Its a subtle accusation that the people of NOLA were allowed to suffer because they are poor and black?

I don't want anyone to suffer, except those who propose to rob me for the benefit of someone else. I don't mind VOLUNTARILY helping those who suffer through no fault of their own. I DO resent being forced to help, and then esp to see my hard earned tax dollars buying new cars and vacations for scum.



So you don't care that Floridians who are mostly non-black and not quite so poor robbed Insurance companies left and right because they aren't in the news all of the time? Or is it because they weren't poor and black?


I think even Raynd would agree that there is "need" because you are a stupid, lazy git or "need" because a hurricane was dropped on you...

If you are robbed anyway for far less "deserving" "victims" why such an outrage because of NO?


If you want a thread that talks about this, then start one. If not, why not try to stick to the question instead of starting a tangent pissing match?


This isn't a tangent pissing match. Did you miss the original thread on this? I brought up the SAME issue and the SAME article. Go do some research. There is a reason this is called "Part II". Are you upset because it causes you to realize that human nature surpasses skin color?


Kind of looks like it was a tangent then also. But by all means continue to grind your ax.
Oddly enough I thought this post pertained to fraudulent charities and the like. I didn't realize it was all about race. Please, lets discuss what YOU want to.


This was not originally about fraudulent charities. If you had actually read the other thread, you would know that. That alone shows discussing this further with you is pointless.


Insurance companies don't take money from me by force. It's not the same thing.


If I'd started a thread about that, the interest would've been much less by everyone on the board.

People who defraud insurance companies should be prosecuted. Who's arguing against that? I simply want to point out how subtly we are actually functioning at the point of a gun. As Doogie points out, insurance companies don't force us to pay them. Governments do. Do you really want to surrender your freedoms, so that others can be provided with benefits? Wht can't we be ASKED if we want to help? Is it because free people might not choose to help others, so government must THREATEN them?

I have way too much respect for my fellow man to ever treat them like cattle. Guess that makes me evil, greedy and selfish.



So a guy brings up an issue. You chime in with, "What about these people, don't you care abou them?" Trying to make yourself look superior instead of really addressing the topic.
But wait, the almighty profx has brought this issue forward before. Well I guess we'd just all better address it then regardless of the original intent or questions. Your a shit stirrer. Talk about pointless discussions with people.


Again, are youi even bringing this forward because of some moral issue you have with it, and if so, why ignore the other recent occurances? I brought it up before due to that simple fact. You either care about all of it...or your true intentions come into question.

Our freedoms are being removed by much more serious acts and laws than whether we help some people whose homes got destroyed. The issues with insurance and medical care has been brought up by me before. No one believes that our current system is perfect. however, when it comes to a natural disaster on this scale, I am all for it.

I seriously doubt you made this post because you respect everyone else so much.


This thread made me think of something that I've been laughin about for a couple weeks. Locally there has been a drought and a lot of farmers (who usually only farm wheat) planted corn and milo to be able to collect the insurance later when it didn't fair well. last week we got rain and it looks like the crops will fair well enough that the assholes dont get any insurance on it and they have to pay the fuel bill and labor to harvest it. I hate people that cheat on their insurance because it makes it more expensive for the people who are doin things right.