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Real Turanibol Tablets?


a little background: age 41, male (obviously), i was suspicious i had low T. spoke to a coworker involved in MMA training and he provided me with small square pink tabs, british dragon 10mg oral turanabol last september. I felt better immediately taking even 1-2 a day.. which prompted me to see my dr and subsequently get androgel. which hasn't proved great, i dont feel much better from that, so..

recently started working out and pursued getting tablets from coworker again,
this time they are pink pentagons with small speckled color, on one side a score, the other side a small logo of a serpent?

he told me they were turanibol 5mg,

but after taking several at a time (sublingual) 2x a day for 2 days i feel no difference physically..

previously the effect was immediate.. raised blood pressure, pumped feeling after exercise and working out...it was almost addicting..

now.. so far i don't feel anything..
he claims to take several a day himself (besides his other supplements)

i dont feel any pump or raise in blood pressure from these...

Should i feel this change, that i did before?
I have tried looking at tablet descriptions online and seen various results, some claim these pills are dianabol, or turanabol..or fake

the pills taste as i remember, not great at all...
i just dont feel physically different,

any help appreciated.
thanks a lot.


i don’t know


No idea. I would say if it’s legit Tbol you should feel it already. Certainly within a couple days it should be obvious if not earlier. I would guess they are fake… IF I had to guess.


Thanks anyway, I appreciate you taking a moment to read through that.