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Real Talk Workouts

i dont know where i come up with shit, it just pops into my head and today in between a set of calf raises. basically all these cookie cutter programs all these training methods, they dont matter. theyre like trial and error and thats it.

what i mean is that youre just going to try out all these different things but dont thing anything is going to promise you something special, theyre basically about trial and error. eventually youre going to create your own program and its going to be off instinct and your own findings in the gym.

so dont hold any absoluteles and just get out there and find what does work. peace.

That was…really hard to read and nothing special. I don’t think there is anyone that has hung around this forum for more than a month or two that doesn’t think you are going to have to experiment and find out what works best for you in order to succeed.

I don’t know what an absoluteles is but I sure as hell don’t want one getting on me. Essentially your message can be Simplified down to “Hey newbies, in the end you’re going to have to customize your workouts on your own, make sure to focus your learning towards that”

Also I think there are tons of successful lifters who base their workouts around plans and periodization instead of pure ‘instinct’.

I think a plan is useful because it doesn’t leave you any place to hide. I also think some people are unable to plan, whether it’s a lack of willpower or knowledge or both.

Starting Strength might not be ideal for everyone, but it’s absolutely uncompromising. Every session the weights go up until you just can’t do the required sets.

Any “cookie cutter” program from a good coach is a damn sight better for a lot of people than whatever they would make up. Some people don’t want to learn the theory or whatever, they just want to do EDT or 10x3 or whatever and know they’re getting something that’s 90% suitable.

i just meant you gotta kinda let go of the hand so to speak and venture off with what you know and combine it with what you feel and then youll find what works best.

it came out a little weird cause Sam Adams Oktoberfest is in season and i wanted to try some.

I recently trained at Cressey Performance and i think they have some sort of a template that they put most people one with some small customizations for everyone and their goals/injuries etc…

I wouldn’t consider it ‘cookie cutter’ but I’d take their basic template over anything that I could put together. And I did; and its working great.

Sure, after a LONG TIME working out (neither me or you 781 have been lifting long enough) you can make a good template for yourself; but for people with under a certain amount of knowledge/experience…they would be better off listening to a seasoned professional.

That’s where alot of ‘cookie cutter’ programs come from; people who know their shit. They are only seen as cookie cutter because so many people adopted them.

I had an Octoberfest this weekend; yum.

if you want something different all the time try crossfit.