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Real sum of all fears


I would seriously consider that as a tattoo.


fuck yeah baby!

Ninja Monkeys!!??
coughCrazy fuck!!cough

Porter, I adore your sig. You are fast becoming one of the “Official Most Phuckt Up Forumites” Below is my current list, feel free to discuss/disgust:

-CJ Merrow (even though he hasn’t posted in a month, bitch)
-Brent A Nelson (breakout photoshop prodigy)
-John “Sockpuppet” Roman
-MBE (“doosh-bag” certified)

  • JC#10 (when discussing HS girls)
  • Zev (when he decides to grace us with his majesty)
  • Stately Plump Buck Mulligan

Promising T-Freques:

  • Cupcake
  • Porter

MBE: “The Zagats of T-Ville since 1806.”

Now that’s the REAL ULTIMATE POWER BABY! Anytime you throw ninjas and monkey’s together, you can count me in.

BFA…I hear that crazy motherfucker went and fucked the girl from hansen.
I know, I know…it sounds bad, but the truth of the matter is, she was a slut, dude, you’d a fucked her too.

Well Porter, to tell ya the truth i saw that Hansen chick on TV the other day and she has’nt aged well. I think she might be on androgens.

Right on, Port. BFA normally takes his dates on a trip to the “Museum of electric tape and hemp cord” found in the back of his van. Not with the Hansen tramp. She didn’t even make him buy her dinner, she opted to sample his protein shake. Reminds me of that Robert Palmer song, “Some guys have all the sluts…”

MBE: “Vile with style for a fucking long while.”

Where the fuck is Master Merrow anyways???

Ah think ah jist dun pist muself

Ah, Master Merrow that sweet piece of ass. He’s been busy at work and planning his wedding, but I’ve been telling all those who inquire that he’s doing 3-6 for an act that rhymes with “tiled investing.” He’s also planning a wedding for himself, and quite possible for his fiancee.
Honestly what is more important? Planning your future or posting moronic drivel to entertain a cadre of fucking tools? You already know my answer. I wonder where Fatass Merrow stands on the issue. Hopefully wherever that may be is thoroughly reinforced.

MBE: “For sale by Pwn3r. Since 1948.”

I just realized I mentioned that idiot’s wedding twice. For not proofreading I declare a KO via self-pwning.

“MBE: The son of all fears since 1205.”

To all the girls i’ve loved before…

I’m so happy…I made a list that doesn’t start with “also charged in the case…”

Moms gonna be so proud!

Ah, I’ve awakened from my fifth sugar coma of the day to an onslaught of peculiar queries.
Monkey, grab that spatula and jimmie my fat flesh toadstool out of this lambskin bean bag.
Wait a minute, that’s no bean bag…

Monkey, is that you?