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Real strong abs

Hi Joe!
Wow, I’m very please with this guest forum so far, would love to see it year long! Tho I know you are very busy.

Hey, I have recently noticed my abs being terribly weak! I squat like 50-60lbs less without a belt and I feel unsecure and somehow frightened because I may collapse.
On the otherhand with a belt I am really motivated and become a bear in the Rack and squat that motherfucker.
I look like a pussy without the belt, I don?t know why.
Joe, I know you train the abs at the end of every Leg session. Would it be wise to throw in another extra ab day into the week?If so how would it look like?I think strong abs would add like 50-60lbs to my squat, I am sure!
thanks man keep it up.