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"Real Strength Real Muscle" by John Christy

I have become interested in reading on these old school minimalistic approaches to strength training and bodybuilding. I have heard really high praise from the late John Christy. Since his death in 2009, his website has been shut down and his book is really hard to find. The book titles Real Strength Real Muscle, I was wondering if anyone has a spare copy or knows where to find this material. Any help would be appreciated, I feel like this man’s work should not get lost in time.

Colucci owns every book ever printed about training, he’d know.



How can I tag him in the post lol

He’s like Beetlejuice, you just say his name 3x and he shows up.





But yeah, I may not have “every” one, but gimme time. I hadn’t actually heard of that book. Seems like it’s been basically out of print for at least a few years, so you’re kinda out of luck since it was most likely self-published or close-to-it. If it was by a bigger publisher, I’d expect it be to easier to track down, so that kinda sucks.

Looks like there might a few pdf versions floating around from questionable sites, but that’d definitely be an “at your own risk pirated info mixed with who knows what”-thing. I’d probably suggest cobbling together whatever info you can figure from the sites that do have people talking about his stuff (but even those seem to be at least a few years old) and figure out what you can.

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cool, I’ll check out the pirated sites, which one? lol

Ha, I don’t know for sure. I was just Googling to check about the book and a few came up. They all looked sketchy so I didn’t feel like clicking in. Those kind of sites are a gamble. I may or may not have used Scribd for a few books in pdf form back when they had more “free” stuff, but I didn’t see it there.


Check this out: