Real Steroid Use

I wanted to pose a question to all of you, and you’ll most likely all assume I’m asking for myself, and I may be. But to the question, lets take high amount of steroid users that most of you probably turn away; young (17-21) with maybe a coupe years of training in any adequate strength/weight. For most of those guys they want a quick cycle because they think they hit s plateau on their 245lb bench, so they’ll spend no time researching or improving their diet/training and jump on any gear they can get their hands on, most of the time not caring for on cycle support or pct.

Now, most of us, including myself hate those guys, but I want to talk about the same kind of people, but a different scenario. Say a young man knows from whatever age they’re at that they want to be the best at what they do with their body, whether it be bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman (let’s focus on the powerlifters). And say they have above average strength but are still semi-new to training and still fairly young. How do you feel if they started taking AAS and continue to do so for years while they reach their goals (loads of top powerlifters are early 20’s) So they don’t have the strongest foundation, but at the Same time they’ve accepted the risks of AAS and know they will have to continue to use them to reach their goals (not talking about the guys who use one cycle and quit) So, I’m asking would it be so bad (yes, I know health wise in some regards) but if that person knew this was their dream and what they truly loved, are they an exception to the rule?

Just wanted to get opinions on it, and yes I know that at the end of the day that person in that scenario will make their decision with or without the support of random people online.

So, you’re 17 and you want to take roids?

X2 ^^^

Lets put it this way based off your screen name.
Lets go buy a 4 cylinder car. now I want that car to go faster. So Hell I will add nitros to it that will make it fast right? Well ya it will but how many times can I hit that button before the tranny burns out, the engine blows. How many times before the axles twist in half. Sure it might work to make it faster for a short time but then major are problems are going come up because I did not spend the time in the first place to build all the stuff needed to make the car handle the kind of horsepower nitros will add.

Your body is the same way. The only difference is you cant just replace the motor. You cant just fix the tendons that get stretched .A great (not good foundation ) is the foremost thing to take care of first.
Long story short wait till your body is done growing on its own. Then rethink the issues but not till then.