Real Stenadrol Stacked on Cyp and Prop

Okay question: I was offered real Stenadrol. Is that any good ?? Is it worth it ??? Should I even faaakkk with it ??

Stenadrol is methylstenbolone, I believe @flipcollar has taken it, but he’s currently eating some malva pudding so without further adue. Tis a dihydrotestosterone derived anabolic steroid, it is the… Superdrol version of stenbolone. So masteron (drostanolone) is 2a-methyl-dihydrotestosterone, superdrol is 2a-17a-DIMETHYL-dihydrotestosterone. Stenbolone is 2a-methyl-dihydroboldenone (5a reduced version of EQ with methyl group at 2nd carbon position). Methylstenbolone is 2a-17a-dimethyldihydroboldenone.

It’s a designer steroid, was OTC for a while, can still get it on like eBay though and select independent supplement stores in the US (not specifying which one) very strong shit, very toxic. (hepatotoxicity, likely nephrotoxic given renal failure has been associated with superdrol, lipids, BP all that jazz will probs go to shit, if it’s anything like s-drol it’ll give dry, glycogen filled gains and fuck up you’re blood sugar.

Since there’s no research on the compound and limited anecdotes I’d anticipate it’d behave somewhat like superdrol or m1t given its chemical structure

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Methylstenbolone has been around since 1966. When it was tested for myotropic potentcy (along with phera, m1t, and Alpha One) all of them were stronger than the existing steroids available against which they were tested. That was dbol, anavar, anadrol, and winstrol. So it’s legit. But it’s also illegal (here in the States) and it has the potential for some rough sides.

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